TAURUS Sun Sign Health Horoscope OR (Vrishabha Rashi)

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Taurus Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope OR (Vrishabha Rashi):

  • Generally gives a robust mind and body.
  • Being the second sign, throat, upper part of lungs and nose is something you would like to take care of.
  • Taurus people or vrishabha rashi has got good vitality in them and they should use it to the proper channels or direction for maximum success in life.
  • They are prone to health problems of throat, tonsilitus,and diptheria and other throat troubles.
  • Being fond of tasty food, what they or Taurus eat is very important.Venus the lord of Taurus could make them love comfort and not do much work- this has to be avoided .Drinks and the best of sweets have to taken in control.
  • Nose and lungs also need proper care. Blood losses or reduction ahs to be taken care of. for Taurus people. skin of theirs so very sensitive and they need to love in warm environments.
  • The kidneys and sex organs and yes throat are the key points of focus to be taken care.
    Intestines need care and so does stomach , doing Yoga to avoid accumulation of fluid in stomach area would help.
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