Taurus Ascendant In Horoscope Or Kundli (Vrishabha Rashi Lagna in the Birth Chart ) Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish


Taurus Ascendant In Horoscope Or Kundli (Vrishabha rashi Lagna in the Birth Chart ) Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

Well being For Taurus Ascendant or Vrishabha lagna in your kundli or horoscope (birth Chart)

  • This sign taurus or Vrishabha rashi is earthy(fixed sign) and ruled by planet venus or shukra.
    Taurus us a fixed sign.Despite the fact that Taurus or Vrishabha rashi is essentially a stable earth sign, they do have their frail spots that cause issues all through life- that is like they could be very stubborn or sensitive at times. Frequently experience the ill effects of illnesses identified with sensory system- due to their sensitivity. Large portions of them can be overweight, particularly those who are born in the month of may as may is ruled by planet Venus so reinforces the energy of planet Venus or shurkra. They may fall prey to sexual passions as Venus or shukra is a planet of love. They are inclined to health issues cervical vertebrae, lower jaw and teeth, tongue related problems. As the other sign of Venus or shukra rules seventh sign Libra or Tula rashi, ruling sex organs, kidneys etc, Issues with the kidneys, private parts and bladder, stiff necks, sore throats and ear infections are normal among Taurus Or Vrishabha lagna or rashi people.
  • Disposition and Personality For Taurus Or Vrishabha Ascendant or Vrishabha lagna in your kundli or horoscope (birth chart )

  • As the sign name goes Individuals conceived under this sign looks like to the bull in their conduct towards others . They are not extremely partial to meeting new individuals as their noiseless, calm and contemplative person nature.
  • if they are not given proper importance, mindful and traditionalist disposition towards others. They frequently confront trouble in making new companions as they are reluctant to meet new people.
  • They are dependable and viable characteristics of the bull ( stability) thus frequently do well in business. These individuals are sexy identities and look for physical joy in all ranges however then again they are attempt and finish the given assignment now and again yet as per their own particular pace.
  • Venus could make them insistent on their views. Taurus Or Vrishabha is not pulled in effectively, and notwithstanding when they will be, they move towards the individual they fancy with compelling alert.
  • Taurus Or Vrishabha people are firm about their worth and standards it’s difficult to change their way of working.
  • They are to a great degree careful with regards to pick their mates as Venus or shukra gives them the right instinct to pick the mate. They should avoid telling lies/.
  • Physical Appearance For Taurus Ascendant or Vrishabha lagna in your kundli or horoscope (birth chart)

  • Taurus Or Vrishabha ascendants regularly have a short statue frequently tending towards slackness. Normally they are honored with the wonderful face with huge shining eyes impeccably cut ear nose and amble lips.
  • As far as body structure they are not as lucky improbable their face they have square shape body  Taurus Or Vrishabha Ascendant individuals frequently cast a pleasing appearance.
  • Taurus Ascendant or Vrishibha Rashi Ascendnat in Your Horoscope Or Kundli- Health Matters

  • If venus is strong then people with taurus sign or Vrishabha rashi enjoy good health else they could
    suffer from poor digestion,disorder of throat, eyes and teeth. Venus or shukra may cause indulgence that could cause health loss.
  • What is Ascendant or lagan and why is it so Important?

  • The ascendant house is seen as key in Vedic Astrology(crystal gazing> or jyotish as it is the foundation of your horoscope. At the time a man is conceived, the sign which rises in the sky is known as the general population ascendant and the sign which comes in this house is known as the ascendant sign. The ascendant associates in figuring granular subtle elements of any one’s life through Vedic crystal gazing or jyotish. .The ascendant decides the 60% vitality accessible in the horoscope-so turns out to be vital in translation.