Planet SUN – The King of The Solar System

 sun sign astrology

Planet SUN is the king of the solar system.
It represents the life force- called the solar energy.
SUN is said to be soul of the solar system.

Sun is also called Surya in Vedic Astrology- it is worshiped as the source of energy and enlightenment . GOD is said to be Sun of Suns- the source of entire cosmos.

It is the ruler of the sun sign LEO and is represented by number 1.

It is an embodiment of qualities like initiative, will power,leadership,domination and also ego.You may nto like domination by other people and would be influenced by strong personalities.You have the ability to inspire others.

A strong sun in the horoscope or a person born on 1,10,19 or 28th generally gives good will power and image in the society.It gives originality to the individual.They generally are able to reach to top of the organization.But at home or office you want independence and want to be original or try something new.

You should keep yourself engaged in work all the time top avoid boredom and loneliness.

The sun sign associated with number 1(one) is LEO.

Aspects of Sun:

Sun aspects the 7th house  from where it sits. That means if your sun is in 1st house of your horoscope, the sun would aspect your 7th house of marriage and partnerships.

You Are Ruled by Planet Sun if:
You are born on 1st,10th,19th or 28th of any month OR SUN is strong in Your horoscope OR Your ascendant or your moon is in sun sign LEO in your birth chart.

How to Check How Strong is Sun in Your Horoscope :
Simply Check how your Sundays generally go or if you are able to get gains from your friends or hold to your position well in office and family.This will give you a rough idea of strength of sun in your birth chart.

Your health :
Heart troubles and palpitations. Also trouble to head like headaches or other problems to do with the head.

Your Lucky Color :

Your Lucky Stone :
ruby in gold.

Your Lucky SUN Mantra( sacred incantation):

OM Sum Somaye Namaha 108 times.

Your Lucky SUN Yantra(Amulet):

What Do the Classics Of Astrology Say About Planet SUN:
As per the classics the movement of planet sun is 1, similarly for moon it is 13, though sun is assumed to be stationary in nature. The calculation of the longitude of sun is based on mathematics called drika ganita. Ganita stands for mathematics.
Sun is treated as a malefic or a bad planet. That is it takes on some bad effects when it sits in any of the 12 houses or is conjunct with any of the 9 planets. If sun is ahead of moon in longitude from 120 to 240 degrees it is considered to be auspicious and good.
If it is up to 120 degrees sun has medium strength. From 240 degrees to zero(that is 360 degrees) the moon has no strength.
The planet sun is said to be the soul of all. The creator of life. Sun and moon both are given royal status. The colour of sun is blood red as it is while rising at the horizon.
The planet sun represents fire. Sun ruled by number 1 is a male planet. So say if your 5th lord( 5th is children’s house) is sun, you have a high chance of having a male child. Sun is a royal planet the Rajput.
The eyes of people with sun dominance is honey colored.The body is square built and the person is intelligent. The.The habits are clean and less hair on the head.
Sun is said to be residing in holi places and temples. The taste of sun is pungent. As sun rises from the east it is strong in the eastern direction. The strength of sun is in day time. Strong tress like say banyan tree is ruled by planet sun.Vasnat ritu or season is controlled by planet sun.
The exaltation of sun is in zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, cancer, Pisces and Libra.
Sun is very strong in Leo in especially first 20 degrees.