Sourav Ganguly-The Lion of Bengal Cricket,2016 Horoscope & the 8-8-8 effect!!!Astrology & Numerology!


About Sourav:

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly ; born 8 July 1972), affectionately known as Dada (meaning elder brother) is a former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team. Currently, he is appointed as CEO of Cricket Association of Bengal and President of the Editorial Board with Wisden India.

Sourav  Numerology:

Birth Data:

Full name     Sourav Chandidas Ganguly
Born   8 July 1972 (age 43)
Behala, Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Birth Data Analysis and Interesting Coincidences:

Birth Date Number = Number 8 = Saturn

Birth Sun Sign = Cancer= Number 2= Moon

Destiny Number =   8+7 +1972= 16/7= KETU(Neptune)-  He is destined for some special destiny or focus, I trust his focus was Cricket!

Popular Name = Sourav Ganguly = Your Name Number is  47 = MOON

(Many lucky windfalls are possible for this Name number and un expected events and travel)

  • Some of his achievements(scoring a century were selected at random below).

No.     Score against          Pos.    Inn.     Test    Venue           H/A    Date   Result

1          131     England        3          2          2/3     Lord’s Cricket Ground, London Away 22 June 1996            Draw[4]

2          136     England        3          1          3/3     Trent Bridge, Nottingham         Away 4 July 1996            Draw[6]

3          147     Sri Lanka      6          2          2/2     Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo          Away 11 August 1997           Draw[10]

4          109     Sri Lanka      6          2          1/3     Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali            Home            22 November 1997          Draw[11]

5          173     Sri Lanka      4          1          3/3     Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai   Home            4 December 1997     Draw[12]

Now have a look at Dates when all this happened – they are  22,4,11,4 th

Now 4= Rahu= Dragon’s tail is a close cousin of Saturn, number 8, his birth number!

Also His birth month is moon= number 2 and Name number(popular) = 2= Moon

Note the dates 22( has 2 two’s) , 11th= 1+1 =2=Moon

All this is a Clear cut Hint towards  the basic Numbers Ruling His Life!

The 8-8-8 Effect: Appointed CEO of Cricket Association of Bengal and President of the Editorial Board with Wisden India:

His birth number =8th(born on 8th)= Saturn
He got promotion in Year 2015 = 2+0+1+5 = 8= Saturn
He got this promotion in the month of Libra=6(venus), harmonious with Saturn,  but also 2015 + September(9) = 8+9 = 17= 1+7=8.
Now 8= means money/power and position and 3 8’s together gave him the 8-8-8 boost!

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    Sourav ganguly  Astrology:


    We are using the solar house.
    Jupiter is becoming strong and lord of 9th    House  = windfalls and gains for sourav. Jupiter is currently transiting his 5 th house =Leo and aspecting his 9th house- so further giving strengthen  to his house of sudden gains and windfalls.

    Also Saturn the lord of career and gains is direct now.

    So the state was  clearly set for his selection as CEO of Cricket Association  by the planets.

    Yes his hard work and dedication have a value too.


    Astrology and Numerology are clearly powerful tools to improve our success. They mean a basic understanding of cosmic forces to make best sue to our advantage.

    Year 2016 would be eventful for sourav.

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