Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions SCORPIO
Your Weekly SCORPIO HOROSCOPE(October 21st to November 20th)Predictions for the WEEK Starting MONDAY on 19 OCTOBER are Given Below:

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Weekly Predictions SCORPIO

For Monday & Teusday of this week,expect: There could be a mix of fun and work. Let not fun and frolic around distract you from work in hand. More professional meetings could be there .connecting to people. a time when gains in the career can happen and you may get some prominence in the society. Good time for business and management. may not be great for sun and let not ego hassles come in.

For remaining days of the week(Wednesday To Sunday) ,expect:
Good for love and money related matters. One could get recognition for work- but avoid fights. Overall a time could work out well with lots of high energy- for various matters, avoid impulse or haste. Fights at work place possible. Lot of action needed for work this time. There could be a lot of opposition and jealousy by people. The matters this time could be sudden and eventful.It is a time when a lot of work could be there. Yes, a lot of fights and tiffs may come up. There could be Unexpected changeability. One has to be careful on this part you. You have to take care of your emotions and work has to be delivered in a well-planned manner. Love matters would be ok or fair enough. This is the time to drive carefully. Take good care of the family. Also for money matters more proper planning is needed.

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