Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions SCORPIO
Your Weekly SCORPIO HOROSCOPE(October 21st to November 20th)Predictions for the WEEK Starting MONDAY on 19 APRIL are Given Below:

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Weekly Predictions SCORPIO

Forecast For this week: Let not coldness creep into family matters. Ensure that let not a lot of responsibilities trouble you. Take good care of family and your roles.This is a time when office and home responsibilities can come up. Some dryness and coldness in home environment or relationships might come up. At the same time there could be more meetings, that have to be welcomed . You will have to stay focused on your job and career. This could be a good time for students. Focus has to be maintained for success. This could be a good time for property dealers .

Overall results may not be positive .Avoid being flighty this time or too much on move- overall just OK time. Avoid being angry or use of aggressive communications. Arguments to be avoided this time. Money is OK but haste could spoil matters. Guard on accidents. Think before you speak. Stress in relationships with near and dear ones. Money matters may have ups and downs. Work related opportunities could be there. The messages now could be of harsh or cold nature. Work and fun both is possible.There could be more work and meetings at the office. It is a good time for career opportunities coming for you. Focus on office matters or more work or planning is needed for home matters now. it may not be a great day to call and connect at work. Yes, messages about more work falling on your lap are possible. You may feel locked into the work of situations. You can earn profit working in a relaxed and well-planned manner. Yes, a donation to old age homes would help a lot and so would chanting of shiv Sahastranaam help you.

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