SCORPIO Sun Sign Health Horoscope (Vrishchika Rashi)

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Scorpio Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope(Vrishchika Rashi) :

  • You might be a bit lean in earlier years , but may gain weight by middle age.
  • Take special care of your heart due to influence of planet mars- also avoid over-strain due to work.
  • One should deal with inflammation of the bladder in a proper manner especially if first house or mars is afflicted in the horoscope of Scorpio people.
  • Scorpio people are prone to head aches , so has to be taken care of .
  • Could there be large intestines & fistula connected problems- so please check with your doctor whenever you have more pain in lower abdomen and Saturn(shani) and mars are afflicted.Take proper rest and good food.
  • One might have more than usual cuts and injuries due to accidents or operations primarily due to the mars effect. Rectum cleanliness by Yoga methods and also large intestines is much needed.
  • There is fair chance of high blood pressure for the scorpio people . Scorpio or Virshchaka rashi may have to deal more with childhood health problems . One is also prone to broken bones. Take more of milk.
  • There could be problems in sex organs & glands .

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