Scorpio Personality

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Scorpio Personality:

Scorpio     has the water     element in it and is the eighth     sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet mars – the planet of action, aggression and may be debates. This makes you naturally inclined  for either too much of action or less action.

Your sign is a combination of eagle and the Scorpio- which makes your personality a bit contradictory. For a very young age, you might be very pure minded, but once past the teens you may swing otherwise. You are prone to lead a double life

You could be very talented and gifted with writing skills. You may get selfish at one time and at the other time become too forgiving and compassionate.

You could be peace makers as you are metal fighters and not physical.You may have either too many friends or too many enemies- again a contrast.

Sooner or later you may be attracted to occult/philosophy or spirituality. You could also be a nature lover.


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