Scorpio LOVE Horoscope

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Scorpio LOVE Horoscope:

You may have great sex appeal and men in this sign may attract women and women in this sign may attract men. You have to take control on your sexuality as this sign rules the 8th house.

You might be too domination for your spouse and may be given way to.Your short love affairs could be fine, but with a fairly sensitive and warm person.At the same time for long term matters also you could get a deeply loving person, who might be a bit choosy or somewhat insistent on views, but a home lover- overall, thats OK.

Scorpio Man Or Scorpio Women as a Lover :
You have a passionate and a disciplined nature. You may want intense love or infact more of sex as Scorpio rules 8th sign of sex, than average.
Avoid spending time in arguments- respect your lovers view point and enjoy the passionate love and togetherness.
You need to take reins of your highly strung nature.
You demand great sex, which you would get for sure. If you don’t, you are not at all satisfied with the relationship.
You need to come out of yourself and connect with your lover openly considering his or her needs.

Scorpio Lover Good Dates For Love & Romance:
1,9,18(tiffs possible),15,24,27,30,3,12,21
Scorpio Lover Dates Of Caution For Love & Romance:
2,10,11( to a lesser extent), 19,29,20,8,17.

Scorpio Lover Lucky months For Love & Romance:
July, March, May, December
November Might give mixed results.
Scorpio Lover – which sun signs are compatible with your inner love nature
Cancer, Pisces( to some extent), Taurus, Scorpio( But both of you are hot headed),


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