Scorpio CAREER Horoscope

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Scorpio Career:

Your could be clever in business and politics. You can be good advisers to others.

You could become a good peacemaker at office making enemies come together.
Your talents in general and writing skills could pay you off well.
Procrastination is a greatest enemy of yours. Keep a tab on this.
Surgeons, anything to do with fire arms or scientific research is in your purview. Anything demanding aggressive discussion and debates could be done by you. You should be able to work and get results in a disciplined manner. Hopefully your passion would get well channelized.
You may get into lead roles,but a leader with compassion or leader of masses of people of labor class or somewhat not getting full rights.But mentally you could lead in management & technical roles.

Careers That Suit You :
You are an intellectually active person. You want to discuss , debate and argue. Being the 8th sign you could retaliate harshly and also sting  .

You could do well in speaking.
You could be magnetic- but need to control being impulsive at times.
• Army- consultant or non combative roles
• Police- officers rank only suitable
• Labor oriented industry
• Management Heads of Organization.
• Anything to do with fight or resolution of fights.
• Leader of factor worker
• Surgeons
• Executives
• Property related work
To know exactly which career could bring in laurels to you and which could bring in more obstacles, Your entire horoscope has to be studied & analyzed.
Your Lucky Years:
27, 36,42,45,54(mixed results), 66
18, 28th are years of caution
Your Lucky months:
April, February, July
Your Lucky Dates:
9( avoid fights), 18( needs special care, as this could be eventful as well), 3, 24,33, 27
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Aquarius, Cancer( to some extent), Aries But both of you are hot headed), Libra( caring one for you)