RAHU Transit in 2016 -In Leo (simha rashi) – How Does It Affect You?


Rahu transits into the sign of Leo( ruled by Sun) on 31st January 2016. Jupiter is already present in sign Leo. So a combination of these two planets( rahu = dragon’s head is an imaginary planet but with real effects on human beings ).

The effects of this transit are given below for various sign/rashi’s.

Aries   Sign (rashi):

One should be steadfast and follow dharma. If rahu strong one could do good focussed effort. As aspect (drishti) on 1st and 3/5 Sign (rashi) means one should keep good company. Avoid sudden innovation or un conventional effort. Taking care of kids is suggested.


Taurus  Sign (rashi):

Rahu in 10th Sign (rashi), aspect (drishti) (drishti)the 4th Sign (rashi) and sends energy to 2nd Sign (rashi) of wealth flows and status. It also aspect (drishti) (drishti)5th Sign (rashi).

So over all gives a person the ability to do un conventional actions that are of sudden nature. The person can take bold decisions. The mind could be troubled by low minded people or people who are rebellious. This could cause trouble in family.

One has to protect one’s kids and yes status.


Gemini  Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit impact on 11th Sign (rashi) could give either great gains or great losses. One needs to follow conventions of society and not to try something out of the blue. Kids need to be taken care of. Due to aspect (drishti) to 5th Sign (rashi) of rahu in transit.


One has taken care of job and marital relationships as there is an aspect (drishti) of rahu in transit on 7th Sign (rashi).


Cancer  Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 12th Sign (rashi) could mean travel to far off places or foreign lands. Rahu’s aspect(drishti) is on 4th,6th and 8th Sign (rashi).

So mind has to be kept healthy , stress free and less aggressive. Take good care of family peace and your female seniors.

There could be land deals which are not in your favour. Avoid getting into conflicts now with low minded people.



Leo  Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 1st Sign (rashi), and aspects(drishti) on 7th Sign (rashi), 5th Sign (rashi) and 9th Sign (rashi) suggests, that one has to avoid rash and un conventional actions.

Take good care of kids and thought processes. It could impact the partnerships and relationships at personal or professional front. One should follow ethical ways to be successful.

Virgo  Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 2nd Sign (rashi) could mean , unexpected changes in wealth and status. It could also mean one needs to take control of speech and try to speak sweet words.


Aspect of rahu transit is on 8th and 10th Sign (rashi). So one might develop interest in occult or might have land deals. Aspect(drishti) on 10th Sign (rashi) could give may be a lot of work at office or un expected changes and travels in career.


Libra  Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 3rd suggests one has to take well though initiatives. Take care of the projects initiated and stay away from wrong company.


As rahu aspect (drishti) (drishti)7th Sign (rashi), so suggest trouble in job or relationships with wife. This could be sudden troubles.

One has to follow the ethic and take good care of father figures and teachers as aspect (drishti) on 9th Sign (rashi) is there.

Scorpio Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 4th Sign (rashi) aspect (drishti) (drishti)10th Sign (rashi) and 8th Sign (rashi) and also 11th. So it might impact the image of the person. The individual’s mother needs to be careful.


Unexpected work or issues at work front could crop up. People who are low minded could gang up against you.

Un expected issues in gains could be there.

Sagittarius   Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 5th Sign (rashi), means one might have connection with people of not so great character. Also one needs to take care of one’s thinking and special care of kids.


Rahu’s aspect on 9th ,11th and 1st might mean that one has to guard on health of male seniors. Unexpected gains could be there. One might exhibit rash behaviour, which one has to be careful about.

Capricorn  Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit into 6th Sign (rashi) means aspect on `10th, 12th and 2nd Sign (rashi).

So one needs to be careful about debts and yes enmity with people. Speak sweeter language. Career could have un expected turns and people of low mind would work against you.

It is highly recommended to chant Shiva chalisa or atleast donate things to beggars home. This is going to help you a lot.

Aquarius   Sign (rashi):

Rahu transit in 7th Sign (rashi) could directly affect your relation hips with your spouse or boss or people at job or business.


There is an aspect(drishti) to 11th,1st and 3rd Sign (rashi). So one might have strange events in gains front, you behaviour has to be in conformity with society and also you should choose the right friend circle this time.

Pisces   Sign (rashi):

Trouble with landed properties. Raking up of past issues.

Unexpected expenses.

Aspect (drishti) on 2nd Sign (rashi) means, unexpected wealth flow or status related issues .One needs to guard well on family matter.

One could come in limelight and should follow the society conventions.

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