Planet SUN in Houses

sun-image in houses of horoscope kundali

About Sun or Surya Dev(Sun God) in various houses

  • Sun or surya as we know is a powerful malefic but at the same time the prime source of energy and prana to anyone. It is an adjunct to moon that gives life energy in night.
    Sun is the key to success, strong bones, eyesight,professional success,name & fame, and promotion and gains from friends or father in life etc. If only it is well placed in any horoscope.
  • Placement of sun in various houses have various effects based on maharishi Bhrigu’s teachings and other sages. the page below discusses exhaustively in great detail & accuracy the impact of sun on being in various houses.
  • SUN Or SURYA in FIRST(1) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in SECOND(2) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in THIRD(3) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in FOURTH(4) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in FIFTH(5) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in SIXTH(6) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in SEVENTH(7) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in EIGHTH(8) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in NINTH(9) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in TENTH(10) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in ELEVENTH(11) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN Or SURYA in TWELFTH(12) HOUSE or BHAVA of Horoscope( Kundali ) CLICK HERE
  • SUN in  1st House

  • Sun in first house generally gives a dominating personality and leadership in relationships. It gives good health and vitality plus name unless very weak or malefic ruling 6th/8th or 12th house.
  • Aspect on 7th house could make issues with marital matters
  • If sun is in the first house or bhava, it gives strength to the personality the key nature of the first house. As sun is considered to be a spiritual planet and yes a planet of vitality, so it gives good energy to the same. That’s helps in making one more spiritual and full of vitality.
  • Sun could give a person a good position in life as sun means success and fame in life.
    The person could become rich by own effort .If there is a malefic aspect of Venus in the seventh house could cause serious health issues to the father of the person.
  • It could give good image, but at the same time proper ethics have to be followed to maintain the image.
    One may have aimless wanderings and more of body heat as sun generates more pitta or heat in the body.
  • SUN in  2nd house

  • Distinct position in society. Wealth flows through your own initiative.You may speak with confidence.One has to Avoid ego issues in family life.
  • If the planet sun or the self is in the second bhava or house, the person would in general be generous and religious in nature. He or she would have good status and could also have good deal of ornaments. The person has a good tongue or is sweet in nature and can get people in his favor.
  • The placement in second bhava or house makes him to her lucky and could help him rise to a good position. Will have vehicles and horses etc. The fortune of his or her parents gets a boost after the birth of this child.
  • But if sun is weak, the person could fight with relatives in regard to women folk. The women face health issues in the family as sun is then a malefic and infact the second bhava or house of family.
  • SUN in 3rd house

  • Your initiative and willpower would be great. You may connect to top officials in life.
  • You have to control your ego in your dealings.
  • Positive Impact of sun in 3rd bhava or house

  • Sun here in third house helps the person to take great initiative and connect to people like his or her siblings as third bhava is a house of siblings.
  • In regard to siblings or brothers and sisters, the person has good courage converts to enhancement of true love between the person and the siblings .
  • As for this person good communications ability leads to increase in respect in family and office affair as he or she could communicate well and in a distinct manner.
    . Given the highs self esteem due to sun or surya here, siblings naturally respect you more or could take you as an authority figure . In case of the Person positive vibrations from friends and other associates results in betterment of love and overall life matters.
  • negative impact of sun in 3rd bhava or house

  • Sun here in the third house gives anger and could lead to disharmony in relationships . Sun in the third house of competition could cause disturbances in the office matters but as the Person has good initiative and would work extra hard, the issues are handled well .
  • As for the Person anger & the Person could lead to strong conflicts in with siblings or people close to the person . The competition could be high for the person with sun in third house or bhava.
  • As for the Person courage & initiative would lead to great gains .As for the Person the communications ability is good & this could lead to promotion , so significant increase in status in family and career life.
  • Given the Person siblings & the Person & father may connect closely may result into great improvement of love in between the two . Over all the person has great initiative. Over all good initiative in Job could give great results for the person.
  • For the Person friends and other associates the impact of Person personality is good, leading to better relationships.
  • SUN in  4th house
    what is the positive Impact of sun in fourth house or bhava ?

  • Use your originality for best results. Your mother could be independent minded or holding a good position.
  • You may go to good positions due to aspect on 10th house of career.
  • public image would improve by proper initiative of the person.
  • It could give a good initiative and also negative if weak. So the basic initiative gets harmed a bit due to sun if sun is not well placed in the 4th bhava .
  • Excess initiative could cause heart problems as one may get to become too ambitious in life , but otherwise helpful for gains in life
  • heat of sun could negatively impact the health of mother or if positive give her distinction in life
  • heat of sun works against the heart health in the fourth house or bhava but doing YOGA and suryanamskar or sun salutations would balance the same, over all also helps personality of the person and overall health profile
  • The car & vehicles may get affected due to heat of sun, that is whenever sun is weak in transit there could be issues in your conveyances like say month of November or January/February . But otherwise means distinct care and vehicles
  • Due to negative effects on as sun is weak father & yes mother, emotions within the gets affected , but a positive initiative would help the so family life
  • promotion could happen with proper initiative.
  • property & assets need proper protections as sun if not strong would impact it time to time. but generally could give you a distinct hold on property
  • property & assets quality would work to boost your public image, so eventually family is benefited over all in life.
  • The initiative would help the person to create property and assets.
  • property & assets could have issues created due to ego, so eventually family is affected over all in life.
  • Good conveyances would be there to boost the self esteem of the person
  • The person may buy distinct type of vehicles or cars
  • Domination and excess ego has to be avoided as else heart problems could come to fore, but taking initiative in sports would help greatly
  • heart problems trait works against of ego, which also impacts personality
  • In times of weak sun transits family life has to be protected the positive impact of image one has due to sun, resulting in balancing and healing effect on family aspect.
  • Positive personality of the person could give distinction in the family life.
  • Excess of initiative has to be kept in control to keep family life in control.
  • what is the negative Impact of sun in fourth house or bhava ?

  • Ego issues in family might crop up .
  • The heat due to sun gets harms 4th house a bit due sun . Due to this negative effects get into family life, these vibrations results in basic negative impact on family related aspect of life.
  • The image of the gets harmed a bit due to the same as 4th bhava is for image , and results in basic negative impact on society related aspect of life.
  • self or the body gets harmed a bit due to, if sun is weak in strength
  • if sun is weak personality or assertion capability of the person gets impacted.
  • Due to the tendency of domination, the family could get harmed a bit due to, which family peace needs more focus at times.
  • If sun is ill placed in Libra or in 8/12/3r house then it could impact family , .
  • public image of the person could be impacted due to heat nature of planet sun
  • domination in gained in the person could cause impact on the public image of the person.
  • Egoistical nature created due to sun has to be avoided. this is there as sun is a malefic here
  • insistence on self or own self could impact the mother’s feelings
  • mother positive impacts the personality. Any kind of domination tendencies could affect mothers sensitive heart
  • The person has to keep ego at bay when communicating with his or her ,mother
  • SUN in 5th house

  • Your thinking could be original and you may want to get governmental positions or become very famous.
  • Your affairs or connection could be with people who have good status in the society.
  • What are the positive effects of Sun(or Surya)being in the fifth bhava or house?

  • The possibility of having sudden luck is manifold enhanced by a positive and constructive personality, which also impacts positively office or professional
  • The chance of sudden luck and gains in say lottery gets enhanced by self initiative, which also helps office or professional as one always has saving grace
  • unexpected gains give the personality a positive fling – so helps in quick growth in professional life of the person
  • If sun is strong the chance of winning lottery is there due to positive energy of sun coming in
  • Having gains in sudden and unexpected maters like lottery would positively impact the image of the person in family and office circles
  • The love matters may get a boost if sun is strong here else as sun is a malefic and also weak one’s love affairs may not work great, so this has a bearing on the family and relationships matter
  • The love matters may enhance self respect as sun could help pone to create a good image with the lover
  • Due to positive effects of purva janma punya , heat of sun in fifth bhava gets reduced a bit due to vibrations and results in basic positive impact on family aspect of life.
  • Due to positive effects of purva janma punya , image gets a boost a bit due to vibrations and would greatly help the office and personally life of the person
  • status and image of the person work in tandem ,so over all help to do well in professional and person life.
  • status of the fifth bhava or house could be affected if negative self or ego is used, so eventually office or professional is affected over all in life.
  • father’s thought processes may greatly influence the person as sun is into eh fifth bhava
  • gains would happen by proper tuning of the thought processes, so eventually family is affected in a positive manner.
  • promotion in office is possible with a leadership mindset.
  • what are the negative effects of planet sun being in the fifth bhava or house?

  • The heat due to planet sun could release some negative effects for the children as sun is a natural malefic planet , so over all the vibrations cause not so great impact on family aspect of life- if the fifth house lord is also weak.
  • The image of the person could be affected if the dispositer or the lord of the fifth bhava is weak and also if aspects the sun in fifth bhava are malefic due to rahu/ketu/Saturn or mars
  • One may have more ego conflicts with kids or children if the 5th bhava lord is weak, so there is an impact on family aspect of life.
  • Proper Yoga training for children is needed for building more constructive personality of children
  • Father may have conflict with kids of the parents may not be respected well if the dispositer of fifth bhava or house is weak or sun is afflicted
  • One may develop and egoistical thought process instead of a creative one if sun is weak here in the fifth bhava or house
  • The promotion in life could have an impact if positive and constructive and not dominating thought process is used
  • Success in job would also happen with proper initiative and positive thought processes.
  • sudden luck possibility is there for the people with sun in the fifth bhava or house, this trait gets impacted due to heat of sun, which also could impact finances
  • The love matters may not work out great and impact image of the person if sun is afflicted by malefic like Saturn/rahu/ketu or mars
  • The purva janma punya could get affected by ego issues
  • status of the person may get impacted due to heat of sun, so money and professional life could be affected.
  • status should not go the head of the person else downfall possible.
  • SUN in 6th(sixth) house

  • One has to Keep a check on your health and vitality.
  • Stay away from debts. There might be some ego issues with your father or your father may not keep good health.
  • The planet sun in the sixth house of bhava generates heat in the stomach areas so could cause health problems for the stomach region, body needs care with YOGA
  • As sun is the signifcator or image and sun is in the sixth bhava or house one’s image gets harmed a bit due to the same and may have a slight impact on personality aspect but with the good struggle one has done in life sun here could give great success as well..
  • sun is a karaka of self or body so sun here means impact on the body or self.
  • Ego of sun here in the sixth bhava would get removed as two negatives here for a positive result
  • Heated arguments need to be avoided else legal issues could come up in office or professional is affected over all in life.
  • One has to maintain sweet behaviour to avoid people trying tarnish image of others.
  • One has to avoid enmity & conflict due to any anger or heated arguments in office, as it may have some bearing on office or professional life of the person
  • Guard against your enemies at office and in relative circles , who may try to impact your image at office or departmental levels
  • Prestige has to be maintained at any cost in office or even at friend circles
  • The debts have to be avoided by keeping the mind cool and relaxed, else conflicts mean loss of money and peace of mind
  • The debts have to be kept at bare minimal on not to impact the image
  • Self esteem has to be kept at a high always and stay clear from debts
  • There could be obstructions to health and vitality as sun is vitality and is in the sixth bhava of bad health
  • Delays may lead to some anger this has to be controlled well in life
  • delays in life could cause stress to personality so YOGA is recommended.
  • SUN in 7th(seventh) house

  • You may join companies in high positions. You need to take care of issues in ego with your partner. Your views on sex or marriage may be distinct in nature.
  • The heat of sun or solar energy in the seventh house helps love and passion matters , vibrations and results in basic positive impact on family aspect of life.
  • In regard to love matters image needs to be taken care of.
  • One may get deep into love if sun is placed in the seventh bhava or house
  • One’s personality has a strong influence of love matters
  • Heat or excess passion in sexual conduct has to be handled well, so as to have a happy life.
  • sexual conduct should be discreet and with the life partner only s sun is a malefic here it could cause problems in the same.
  • life.

  • Due to sun in the seventh house or bhava , the relationships with friends or life partner or relatives could have issues if sun is weak and due to heat of sun , so suryanamskaras need to be done to maintain good peace
  • Relatives and partners and also life partners are to be properly mainateind for4 bets image possible
  • As suggested choose your friends, life partner and business partner with care as sun a malefic is into the seventh house of partnerships
  • IN job you may get a good position a, but one has to avoid ego clashes if any, else it has a bearing on the office or professional
  • One may maintain a distinct image and self respect in jobs
  • When sun is into the seventh house or bhava mainatining humility is the best bet for relationships
  • Foreign travel could give distinction but could be painful; as well due to malefic nature of sun or surya in the seventh bhava or house .
  • As seventh house or bhava is also markesh house or life in trouble bhava if sun is weak the heat of the same could create troubles to health. Shiva japam is recommended
  • If sun is weak due to seventh bhava being markesh one may have severe image issues
  • IN periods of sun when it is weak over all well being need proper care
  • AS being in the seventh house sun becomes markesh- so if it is weak one should do the maha mrutyunjay japam.
  • Strong sun would give a life partner or marriage from a good family else not so great and cause ego issues
  • One should marry someone who enhances yourself image or respect in society
  • Let the ego hassles of family life not spoil the relationships – make it positive and more constructive
  • SUN in 8th house

    You could gain well in landed property provided sun is strong. Sudden health/blood pressure or bone/eyes issues could come to fore in life.

    SUN in 9th house

    Your views of religion could be unique. Your father may be inclined towards religion or at least doing good deeds.

    You father May have good position  in life in sun is well placed.

    SUN in 10th house

    You may gain good name and fame in career. This includes acquiring good position.

    Your actions could be of distinct nature and people would recognize your value.

    SUN in 11th house

    Gains through self effort possible. Your elder siblings may occupy good positions.

    SUN in 12th house

    Avoid use of ego or force in situations. Health could be an issue. Also take good care of eyes and your father’s health also.

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