Planet RAHU transit & placement in Houses- for 2016 horoscopes

Rahu is a shadowy planet compared with Uranus.It gives sudden and un expected results in transit and placement both.The effects are really unique and interesting.

Rahu transits in new sign Leo in January 2016, so 2016 horoscopes would reflect these effects as well depending on your lagna/ascendant.

If Your Ascendant Or Moon Sign Or Sun Sign Is RAHU(dragon’s head) would Transit the Below House in 2016
Aries 5th house
Taurus 4th house
Gemini 3rd house
Cancer 2nd house
Leo 1st house
Virgo 12th house
Libra 11th house
Scorpio 10th house
Sagittarius 9th house
Capricorn 8th house
Aquarius 7th house
Sagittarius 6th house

RAHU in 1st House

You should try to behave in a conventional manner and abide to the family, office and society norms.

Aspect of rahu on 7th house means issues in relationships whenever rahu is weak in transit.

Aspect of rahu on 5th and 9th means, you should keep an eye on kids that they flow the right company and also you should stick to your religious path.


RAHU in  2nd house

Unexpected gains in status and possible wealth flows possible.

Try to use proper language in communication.

RAHU in 3rd house

You may take interest in out of conventional things like astrology, occult or some innovation .

You should be careful with the company you keep.

RAHU in  4th house

Mind has to be kept healthy. Rashness in temper has to be avoided.

Your family might have issues at times. Aspect on 10th means , there could be un expected matters on your career front coming on and off.

RAHU in 5th house

Keep the mind positive always. You may think of out of convention matters.

Follow your dharma and ethics well.

You might connect to short time affairs with people who might have a questionable behaviour.

RAHU in 6th house

You may face sudden obstacles in career. There could be good amount  of people who oppose you always.

There could be sudden blockages in wealth flows etc.

RAHU in 7th house

One needs to take care on the kind of partner one has in office or personal matters. Also one has to be discerning in relationships one has .

RAHU in 8th house

Your interest in occult or land deals could be there. Stay away from bad company as it could affect your family life.

You need to speak sweetly and avoid any kind of foul language.

RAHU in 9th house

You should try to be steadfast in your religion. Luck may have suddenness . There could be sudden ups and sudden downs at times.

Your interest in occult sciences could be there.

RAHU in 10th house

You may work very hard. One could expect lots of surprises in life. Lot of professional matters could affect your family life peace.

You may take up job or work in non conventional lines.

RAHU in 11th house

You might have sudden gains and losses. Take special care of health of your elder siblings. You may take up non conventional issues.

Also take good care of the company your kids keep.

RAHU in 12th house

You might work very hard or work hard less. If you find this symptom, try to balance it. Try to maintain good peace in family and also keep your mind health by yoga and meditation.

You might travel to foreign lands.

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