Planet MOON in Houses


MOON in  1st House

You need to take charge of your restless and changing nature. Your relationships and jobs might also be fluctuating due to 7th aspect of moon on your house 7th.

If moon is strong it could give you good diplomatic ability and fruitful travels.

MOON in  2nd house

Your wealth flows and status could be very fluctuating unless your moon is strong in your horoscope. If moon is strong your diplomatic skills could be very good.

MOON in 3rd house

You might have to develop more willpower to follow your dreams.

You might be surrounded more by females. You could also be more prone to travel to distant lands.

MOON in  4th house

Good for mother. If moon is strong- gives a firm mind and good for family.

There could be a lot of changes and fluctuations in career.

MOON in 5th house

There might be a lot of short term affairs.

Your mind could be childlike and sensitive.

You could do well in arts.

MOON in 6th house

Stay away from thinking or acting on conflicts as they could harm You.

Mind has to be kept strong by doing yoga.

MOON in 7th house

You might have more than normal interest in sex matters. There could be fluctuations  and travels in job more than usual.

You should venture into partnerships only if moon is strong in your case.

MOON in 8th house

Mind has to be kept away from negative and filth. There is both positive and native in this world- we need to focus on positive only.

Take good care of senior female members in your family.

MOON in 9th house

Your interest in dharma and doing well to other could be high.

You may naturally want to do good deeds. Also You might be very close to your father.

You should stay firm in your opinions.

MOON in 10th house

There could be changes in career. That is you might travel more. You might be more action oriented.

There could be fluctuation in family life.

MOON in 11th house

You might be too connected to your siblings. Focus on gains in most of the transactions could be your priority.

Mind could be focused on gains.

MOON in 12th house

Keep the mind healthy and away from illness. Mental health and strength can be built up by doing yoga and pranayama. Take good care of your mother.

Your mother might be more than average sensitive.

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