Planet Mercury In Houses


MERCURY in 1st House

Gives basic intelligence and quickness in mind. It gives good flair in business matters and judgment in mercury is strong and not combust.

MERCURY in 2nd house

You will gain money and value in society by your intelligence. You might be a glib talked and may look younger than your age.

MERCURY in 3rd house

You may have surroundings of young and bubbly people. Also you might like company of businessmen or people with keen intelligence.

Money could come to you by your own intellect.

MERCURY in 4th house

You are more intellectually inclined. Have quickness in thinking. You may come to public notice due to your intellect.

MERCURY in 5th house

Thinking deeply about business or money matters, intellectual subjects, or mathematics could interest you.

You may have many affairs (Just and indication and may not be true).

You need to focus on one thing at a time.

MERCURY in 6th house

You have to uses your innate soul wisdom. For this you have to do prayers or mediation.

Mercury in 6th might mean losses of money, business or basic discrimination.

MERCURY in 7th house

Your life partner could be youthful and bubbly in nature.

Your approach to sex could be youthful.

Try to be loyal in relationships.

Your mind could have a mix of sexual and business thoughts. Just an indication and may not be true.

MERCURY in 8th house

You have to be careful while connecting to people. That is staying away from negative or lower thinking people. As this could affect your decisions.

Sudden money loss possibility is there.

MERCURY in 9th house

You might intellectualize about religion.

You may gain money from your father or religious means.

That’s working in matters to do with education or religion could be a source of money.

MERCURY in 10th house

Your actions could be outgoing and quick.

Your quick wit and intelligence would get you name and value in life.

You may connect more with younger lot to the office.

MERCURY in 11th house

You could gain in business matters.

You may gain from elder brothers if mercury is strong and not lord of malefic houses ( 6/8/12).

MERCURY in 12th house

You have to ensure that you don’t take intellectualizing or too much outgoing nature to an extreme. Fun and frolic have a place and you need to respect the same.

Business losses could be there in mercury periods. Keep your intellect alive by proper meditation.

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