Nakshatras- Constellations- The Lunar Mansions:

Nakshatra (constellation) or lunar mansions are 27 or sometimes 28 in number dividing the ecliptic starting from the sign of Aries. The start point of nakshatra is opposite to the start chitra (birth star). The next nakshatra (2nd one) is eastward onwards.

The degrees assigned to each nakshatra are 13 degrees and 20 minutes. The nakshatra is further sub divided into quarters called padas of 3 degrees 20 minutes.

S.No Nakshatra Ruling Planet Or The Lord Nature Of Nakshatra

1 Ashvini Ketu (South lunar node)
It was 0 to 13-30 degrees in aries.It has a daring and adventurous spirit due to effects of mars and kite both. The eyes are brilliant and good looks. Due to mars caution for drugs and diet related problems.
2 Bharani Shukra (Venus)
13-20 degrees to 26-40 degrees Aries.
This makes a person a pioneer and very courageous. The health is good and the person could be famous. Fondness to family and emotional nature.
3 Krittika Surya (Sun)
26-40 degrees Aries 10-00 degrees Taurus
Due to sun and mars this person could be proud and dignified in nature. Sun rules stomach and with mars gives a strong ability to digest.The person could be brutally honest
4 Rohini Chandra (Moon)
10-00 to 23-20 degrees Taurus. Has beautiful eyes, Could be a leader with charisma. Take care of sexual instincts and one could be a sex symbol due to moon –Venus combination
5 Mrigasira Mangala (Mars)
23-20 Taurus to 6-40 Gemini. The person could be seeker of truth or knowledge- due to mars and Venus combination and also mercury (Gemini). Good at speech and talkative person.
6 Ardra Rahu (North lunar node)
6-40 to 20-00 Gemini:
This person could have a sharp mind. Quick witted and impulsive in speech. One has to guard on not being deceitful.
7 Punarvasu Guru (Jupiter)
20-00 Degrees Gemini To 3-20 cancer: Could be intelligent and a deep thinker. Fun loving and freedom loving (socials) – due to mercury and Jupiter combination. One might have many mates.Ability to act is there.
8 Pushya Shani (Saturn)
3-20 to 16-40 cancer: The person could be a serious minded one. There could be issues in relationships. Trouble to mother. Humanitarian nature. One could be stubborn and bold like Saturn.
9 Aslesha Budha (Mercury)
16-40 to 30-00 degrees cancer: Mind could be restless and good for business. Lot of fluctuations in business possible. Issues with deception. One needs to avoid cruelty or ungrateful ness.
10 Magha Ketu (south lunar node)
0-00 To 13-20 Degrees Leo: Aggressive and cruel nature. Could be an intense leader. Devoted to GOD.Could be susceptible to sex allurement. Might have strong issues with some people.Could have wealth and servants(sun the royal planet and kite)
11 Purvaphalguni Shukra (Venus)
13-20 to 26-40 degrees Leo: Marital conflict or strong family conflicts possible. One could do well in music. Good health and vitality.Leadership and government positions.
12 Uttaraphalguni Surya (Sun)
26-40 Leo to 10-00 Degrees Virgo: Attractive and could have several mates. Good commanding speech. Could be a leader in business. Skilled with hands and might have mystical powers. Due to Leo(sun), one could be like a lion with sensual nature and many mates.
13 Hasta Chandra (Moon)
10-00 to 23-20 Degrees Virgo:
The mind could be restless. More focus on business and communications. Good speech.Could be fond of travel due to mercury and moon combination.Humanitarian in nature and might serve people(deva nature)
14 Chitra Mangala (Mars)
23-20 Virgo to 6-40 Degrees Libra:
Could have a strong insistent views and ego. Might stay away from home. Might be fond of colourful clothes .Could be wealthy and stays away from birth place.
15 Swati Rahu (north lunar node)
6-40 to 20-00 Degrees Libra: Could have strange marital issues or family problems. Could be religious. Kind and happy and full of humour(deva).Might have a political nature and my live away from birth pace.

16 Vishaka Guru (Jupiter)
20-00 Libra to 3-20 Scorpio: This could make a person aggressive and impatient. Easily angered. Could be wise and devoted to worship. The person could have wealth( due to Venus) and political inclinations. Knowledge of hidden sciences. Humanitarian n nature.
17 Anuradha Shani (Saturn)
3-20 to 16-40 Scorpio: The person is attractive and passionate and also could be a wanderer. The nature could be moody with ups and downs in nature.Psychic and spiritually aligned.proimiscuity and diet needs to be watched. Could be fond of family life and group activities.
18 Jyeshtha Budha (Mercury)
16-40 to 30-00 Scorpio:
Could be quick in speech. Mind could be restless. Sex impulse to be kept in control. Many friends could be there. Love for children could be there.
19 Mula Ketu (south lunar node)
00-0 to 13-20 Sagittarius:
Could be deeply spiritual. Would like to go deep in matters. Could be suspicious and critical. Marital issues and anger could be there.Attarctive and philosophical.
20 Purvashadh Shukra (Venus)
13-20 to 16-40 Sagittarius: Could be insistent in views a proud nature. Fun loving and social. Faithful to their mate and good marriage.
Educational problems. Interest in law and politics is strong due to Jupiter and Venus.
21 Uttarashadh Surya (Sun)
26-40 Sagittarius to 10-00 Capricorn: The Epson could be honest and kind in nature. Due to sun and Sagittarius one could have a sharp intellect. Fond of und and wande4ring- could have many mates. Could be a good public servant. Famous in later life when Saturn would allow the person.
22 Shravana Chandra (Moon)
10-00 to 23-20 Capricorn: The person could be serious minded, fixed in opinion and religious minded. Good character, may live away from birth place. Would have a charitable nature.
23 Dhanishtha Mangala (Mars)
23-20 to 6-40 aquarius:Could have a dominating and heroic nature. Would be idealistic, and charitable.Ambitious and wealthy. The person could be philosophical and rash.The mind could be inquisitive and open minded.
24 Satabhisha. Rahu (north lunar node)
6-40 to 20-00 Aquarius: One could have interest in occult and astrology. One could be honest and disciplined. Education related travel could be there. Inspired and logical mind. One has to take care of alcohol and also people who deceive.
25 Purvabhadra Guru (Jupiter)
20-00 Aquarius to 3-20 Pisces: Good oratory skills and a good philosopher. Strong issues of ego and domination. Fond of travel and changes in home. Money through government.
26 Uttarabhadra Shani (Saturn)
3-20 to 16-40 Pisces: One could have good speaking skills. Due to Jupiter (Pisces), one could have a humanitarian nature. Gains from kids. The enemies could be of permanent nature.
27 Revati Budha (Mercury)
16-40 to 30-00 Pisces:
Good written and oral skills. Wealthy. One is attractive and could have neat body. One is prone to meet more people and very social. Love for travel and change and good for length of life.