Nakshatra Jyotish and Numerology Or Anka Jyotish in Vedic Astrology:

Nakshatra Jyotish Numerology Or Anka Jyotish in Vedic Astrology Numerology Nakshatra Jyotish  Anka Jyotish in Vedic Astrology

What does this article talk about ?

  • This article talks about the connection of nakshatra and Numerology or Anka Jyotish.
    This article sues it connect the nakshatra and also the numbers or numerology with Rahul Gandhi personality and also life events/ elections of 2019.
  • The connection of nakshatra and Numerology and India?

  • It is said that Numerology originated from India and then spread across to various  nations (This includes the Chaldeans as well mentioned by world-famous Cheiro,
    Pythagoras or guru yavanacharya revived it
    and gave it the present shape along with the Chaldean numerology.
  • The numerical yantras still used In India- image are a living proof of practical applications of numbers and numerology.120px-Mars_Yantra

  • There is a sound to each nakshatra, so if say you are born in a particular nakshatra; it makes more sense to have the name starting with the particular nakshatra sounds (Refer table below). Say for example in the Kundli below the person is born in Mula nakshatra, so it makes more sense for his or her parents to have a name starting matching with mula: Ye , Yo, Bha , Be.
  • What is the scientific reason for having Names starting with the Moon Nakshatra?:

  • a) suppose you lose your time of birth or kundali, still based on your name or mula nakshatra you could benefit a lot from the science of
    Vedic astrology- as your name would have the key to your moon nakshatra.
  • b) Say you are an artist (creative- right brain), but you are kept with people who are more oriented towards mathematics(left brain), what would happen?
    Soon you may get bored or there is a mismatch in the group.It is a simple management principle – what we call ALIGNMENT. So Vedic astrology provides us with tools of alignment at a much subtle level of energy.
  • The same applies to keep names with matching nakshatra sounds. As your moon energy and your name, energy is harmoniums- your chances of being successful
    in life is much higher. So by doing this simple matching, you have naturally had more chances to succeed apart from your hard work.
  • TABLE:Nakshatra & related Sounds
    No Nakshatra Name Alphabet of different charan or pada

    1 Ashwini Chu , Che , Cho , La
    2 Bharani Lee , Lu , Le , Lo
    3 Krittika A , E , U , Ea
    4 Rohini O , Va , Vi , Vu
    5 Mrigashira We , Wo , Ka , Ki
    6 Ardra Ku , Gha , Ing, Jha
    7 Punarvasu Ke , Ko , Ha , Hi
    8 Pushya Hu , He , Ho , Da
    9 Ashlesha De , Du , De , Do
    10 Magha Ma , Me , Mu , Me
    11 Poorva Phalguni Mo , Ta , Ti , Tu
    12 Uttaraphalguni Te, To , Pa , Pe
    13 Hasta Pu , Sha , Na, Tha
    14 Chitra Pe , Po , Ra , Re
    15 Swati Ru , Re , Ro , Taa
    16 Vishakha Tee , Tue , Te , Too
    17 Anuradha Na , Nee , Nu , Ne
    18 Jyeshtha No , Ya Yi , Uu
    19 Mula Ye , Yo , Bha , Be
    20 Purvashada Bu , Dha , Faa, Dhaa (??)
    21 Uttarashada Bhe , Bho , Ja , Ji
    22 Shravana Khi, Khu , Khe, Kho
    23 Dhanishtha Ga , Gi , Gu , Ge
    24 Shatabhisha Go , Sa , Si , Su
    25 Poorvabhadra Se , So , Da , Di
    26 Uttarabhadra Du , Tha , Jha , Jna
    27 Revati De , Do , Cha , Chi

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    Numerology Nakshatra and Rahul Gandhi 2019 predictions and overall profile

  • let us look at the basic nakshatras of Sri Rahul Gandhi. sri Rahul Gandhi has a Lagna of Capricorn that is ruled by Saturn which is very weak in the sign of Aries. Also, his Moon Rashi is Scorpio and moon are debilitated, but sitting in the 11th Bhava for a house of friendship.
  • so overall he has major influences of Saturn energies and the moon energies are there for Sri Rahul Gandhi Ji. also sun or Surya is in the Gemini sign(mithuna Rashi) with Mars(Mangal) for Rahul Gandhi Ji. so this clearly indicates that he would be in politics. as the sun in the house of enmity 6th bhava means one could be surrounded by enemies that what a politician is .6th bhava is of enemies. 😉
  • the energy of Gemini sign or mercury is ruling is personality and events of Sri Rahul Gandhi Ji head or the chairperson of the Congress party. Planets that primarily ruled Rahul Gandhi’s events they are a) Saturn, b)mars and c)mercury budha the last.
  • Now let us look at it from the nakshatra point view you with numerology(anka Jyotish) and Nakshatra/constellation.
    Saturn the Lagna lord is in Shravan Nakshatra ruled by the moon, this is the nakshatra when planetary energies are here Kanvar Yatra to Hardwar and other places in the Ganges happens. This has number 2 same as moon. This number and moon give him a lot of positivity and cooperation in the personality .
  • overall the Shravana Nakshatra in the Lagna or ascendant of Rahul Gandhi builds a lot of sensitivity, Corporation, coordination with colleagues in itself. This suggests a person who is cooperative and sensitive as well.
  • also, nakshatra from the moon is Jyeshta where the moon is Scorpio sign or vrishchika Rashi for Rahul Gandhi in the kundali or horoscope. yes Jyeshta means eldest- yes he is the eldest within the Congress family and his family as well this Nakshatra jyeshtha is ruled by Mercury 5. this gives him good ability to speak communicate it makes a habit restless because mercury is a restless planet.
  • The most important point is that Rahul Gandhi name starts with “Ra” the sound and this is in the 14th Chitra Nakshatra. Also, this is ruled by planet Mars or Mangal, which is the planet of action . so overall this gives great action tree and also sadbudhi and communication capability To Rahul. Moons give cooperative ability and 9 March gives him good action.
  • now let us analyse 2019 general elections based on the Nakshatra and Numerology for Rahul Gandhi

  • so the major energies for Rahul Gandhi based on nakshatra and numerology are in the Shravana Nakshatra that is moon number(2) if we look 2019 it has mars vibration and also Jupiter vibration. So there is number 9 and 3 X (Shravan or moon(2)). Now the moon is not comfortable with that it can create a lot of anger within Congress party members may defect and also internal conflicts within the Congress party possible. so there is a less chance of getting the desired results in the election of 2019.
  • Now we can see that here of the conflict of Moon and Mars . also the second Nakshatra which is of importance in 2019 for Rahul Gandhi which is ruled by planet Mercury(number 5) or number 5 again is an enemy of Mars of 2019 it is an enemy of Jupiter(number 3) as well. so mercury and Mars conflict create situations where one has to be careful about what he or she speaks . recently BJP has raised concern in the Honourable Supreme Court in regard to Rahul Gandhi speech for ‘chowkidar chor hai’ comment on Narendra Modi ji.
  • the Mars energies are strong so that will increase the conflict of Mercury and Rahul could be facing issues in the month of April. IN may 2019 Rahul Gandhi Ji would be doing better because may have more of Venus energies are comfortable with Venus non-Brahmanic planets. but still they do not ensure great success for Rahul Gandhi or Congress party so this is just a prediction based on his nakshatras and numerology structure prediction.
  • But sure still the number 5 of shravana and Jyestha star works against the benefits of Congress and Rahul Gandhi. he or Rahul Gandhi also need to be careful about what he speaks he should be careful about not getting angry. Plus he also keeps tabs on the Congress party people who may try to defect the party.
  • looking at the “Ra” sound of Rahul Gandhi is ruled by Chitra Nakshatra this in-turn is ruled by planet Mars number 9. This is in harmony with the year 2019 which is ruled by Mars and yes by Jupiter(9+3). so overall he would get 30% to 40% benefit but 70% energies are working against him.
  • he or Rahul Gandhi may have to complacent with some with basic victories at his and but not very great for Rahul Gandhi Ji. also, Congress party may not perform very great based on Nakshatra and numerology. but still, pray to God and respect this gentleman so that democracy in India wins and every party has a say in the democracy to create balance and harmony within Mother India may God bless all 🙂