Mahendra singh dhoni -2016 horoscope predictions & what makes Him so different Captain for Indian Cricket Team?



Do you know what makes Mahindra singh dhoni so different from others in terms of captaincy or as a leader/player. Why is he a hot choice for BCCI and IPL? He has been a cool choice for the indian cricket team mostly.

Birth Data & Other Data of Mahendra singh dhoni:

Name: M S Dhoni

Date of Birth: Tuesday, July 07, 1981

Time of Birth: 11:15:00

Place of Birth: Ranchi

Longitude: 85 E 20

Latitude: 23 N 22

Time Zone: 5.5

M S Dhoni-chart

What Makes Him- Mahendra singh dhoni so different?:

  • Mahendra singh dhoni is a Virgo ascendant man with ascendant in 10th house along with sun ruling 12th.The planet mercury is very strong in shadabala = 523 and also sun is the highest at 632
  • So as sun stands for name and fame and mercury is his ascendant backbone, that gets energy from sun ruling 12th, for this stalwart of the indian cricket team. So over all this sun & mercury combination and placement of mercury in 10th is raj yoga karaka for him and giving him so much name and fame in the world. Note 12th house stands for foreign lands
  • Sun gives leadership for the indian cricket and mercury the quick decision making power to him and being in 10th house makes him the man of action. We know dhoni has been a great leader/captain and yes a wicket keeper as well.
  • His moon in ascendant Virgo makes the above raja yoga even stronger and gives him the success he deserves for the indian cricket team.
  • It also again reinforces his quick mind to make good and fast decisions while in the indian cricket team. Moon is in conjunction with Saturn ruling 5/6th So Saturn gives him planning skills as moon represents his mind and personality as well. But rulership of 6th of Saturn could make him a but rigid in his views and yes open and innovative as well.
  • An average Jupiter is sitting close to his mind that is his moon and Jupiter rules 4th and 7th.
  • So he is supposed to be close to public,people, his own Indian cricket team and also his nation and wife J. As 7th house rules his wife.

2016 horoscope predictions for Mahendra singh dhoni, how would he fare for BCCI and IPL

  • Jupiter transits and rahu’s transit to Mahendra singh dhoni  12th house ruled by sun could give him unexpected success in career, that is Indian cricket and name in year 2016.
  • Mahendra singh dhoni would be exceptionally well in his career and socially as well.
  • BCCI & IPL is going to use  Mahendra singh dhoni  in the best way this year.
  • Rahu in 12th house could give Mahendra singh dhoni some issues with his image and introduces some instability at times in transit influences.The months or April and May could be hard for him.This prediction has come true!!!

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