Maha Shivaratri, Hindu Festival To Elevate Your Soul & Vedic Astrology

shiva maha shivratri


Maha Shivratri is a Hindu Festival, and dedicated to supreme lord Shiva.

Infact in Vedic cosmology, many complicated secrets are expressed in simple language like marriage of lord Shiva with parvati.

Actually in the real sense, the cosmos is perceived as the un created absolute the GOD(Lord Shiva) and its creation , that is the SHAKTI(Parvati).It is with this shakti lord Shiva creates the entire caretion.Thats why shakti is called the consort of GOD(Lord Shiva).

Human or soul consciousness falls from God head to get engrossed in worldly activities (the NATURE aspect),maha shivratri is basically a celebration  of re-uniting of Soul with the Super Soul- that is GOD.

During the night of shivratri- people keep themselves awake. Lord Shiva is considered to be a very benevolent aspect of GOD, that is who can be appeased very easily. He is the master of ALL, be it YOGA(full control over the life force, and joining the soul with the super soul (GOD)), Dance and Many other things.

Astrology of Maha Shivaratri :

  • As per mythology  one Paravati ji( Lord Shiva’s consort) asked Lord Shiva, that what would please him the most. Lord replied that the 14th night of the new moon, in the dark fortnight on  the month of Phalgun, is his  best  day.
  • IN Hinduism the GOD and its Creation are separate- but at the same time considered a continuum of consciousness. Even wood has a consciousness and so do plants(proven by science now) So basically on the above date the spiritual vibrations are most apt for liberation  or attaining better spiritual level.
  • Actually just like we have analytics of the day to choose best time for lunch or dinner for a better digestions, Hindus used astrology as an effective tool to find out date and time to magnify or enhance their spiritual progress.
  • Just like almost in all religions early morning(dawn) and evening when day and night transit6ion is there or 12 O clock night or 12 O clock Noon as the best time for prayers. As these times have more suited vibrations for spiritual advancement. Hinduism finds out the special days when it’s best to do long meditation or prayers for hastened spiritual progress.

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