LIBRA Sun Sign Health Horoscope (Thula Rashi)

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Libra Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope(Thula Rashi):

  • The Libra person may do heavy work and also suffer from over emotionalism which could lead to weakness . So this has to be taken care of . There could be sugar & diabetes related problems so Yoga is highly recommended, especially for the spleen.
  • One has to deal with urinary problems carefully- as libra being the seventh sign and if venus is weak or combust could cause issues here.
  • The lower back has to be kept properly toned up and if there is a pain etc one should consult a doctor especially if mars and venus are weak in the horoscope as else it may aggravate.
  • For females ovaries or for men gonads/prostate needs to be kept in proper shape. Libra people need to work on the buttocks portion as well.
    So also adrenals & private parts have to kept in proper shape with exercise especially if venus(shukra) is afflicted with mars in the horoscope.
  • over all sexual vitality could decline after middle age a bit more sharply.
  • so in summary -Trouble due to mental stress/depression is there.
    Take good care of kidneys and your back.

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