Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions CANCER
Your Weekly LEO HOROSCOPE or Simha rashi Predictions for the WEEK Starting MONDAY on 18 SEPTEMBER are Given Below:

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Weekly Predictions LEO

The first three days of the week(Monday to Wedensday),expect: A time of more than usual changes and newness in the environment at home or office or with friends. May be more than usual opportunities or changes are there. Good time for family outings/meetings calling , same is true in regard to office life. Also finances/stocks and love life could be better. Good time to present yourself. One could expect sudden changes this time in matters to do with family/office or personal front. One has to avoid being impulsive. Discreetness in relationship with opposite sex is needed.

For remaining days of the week(Thursday To Sunday) ,expect: Be patient and wait for things to happen. There could be Slow movement in career. More sensitivity needed in family matters. One needs to try to take a stand even in opposing circumstances. There could be more than usual changes , that is ups and downs in matters.

There could be travel, change and eagerness noticeable all around. More delicate correspondence conceivable. Great time for enthusiasm and adoration.

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