Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions CANCER
Your Weekly LEO HOROSCOPE(July 21st to August 20th)Predictions for the WEEK Starting MONDAY on 28 SEPTEMBER are Given Below:

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Weekly Predictions LEO

The first three days of the week(Monday to Wedensday),expect: Be patient and wait for things to happen. There could be Slow movement in career. More sensitivity needed in family matters. One needs to try to take a stand even in opposing circumstances. There could be more than usual changes , that is ups and downs in matters.

For remaining days of the week(Thursday To Sunday) ,expect: Get ready for work at all fronts. Your attention is needed to address matters directly . Avoid conflicts/fights with people in power/position. Also avoid Fights possible in family or office. Good for money/finances or stocks- but not love. Use of willpower one could be successful and get recognition . Time for execution and getting things done- but it at home or business/work /office the gains could be good this time . One may get more authority or power .

More than expected open doors and interchanges could be there. More official gatherings or interchanges possible.

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