Leo MONEY Horoscope

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Leo MONEY Horoscope:

You are generally lucky regarding Money You need to take well thought decisions regarding Money:. Partnerships and games of chance( includes lottery) could give you money.

You could earn good money or deal with money, provided you use your initiative and not loose your temper or cool in money dealings.Communications Industry, USA or Telecommunications could be a good source of money for you. Money sources include banking and stocks.

But all depends on the strength of planet sun and mercury in your birth chart.

Areas Of Work That Could Churn Out Gold For you In terms Of wealth :
• Investment in Government Contracts
• Being a leader of Political party.
• Investing in school
• Investing in Fathers business
• Investment in science and Technology
• Investment in NGO’s or social media

All the above deductions are subject to Sun being strong in your Horoscope.

Your Lucky months For Investment:
April, January , December
November(mixed effects) and August, would be fair.
Your Lucky Dates For Investment:
1,19,12, 27,28,30,36,37,45,46,48( mixed effects),54,55,57,64
People Who Could Help You Accumulate wealth More easily:
Aries, Capricorn to some extent- as it is earth sign , December( fire sign)
November(mixed effects) and August would also be fair.