Leo LOVE Horoscope

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Leo LOVE Horoscope:

You are a royal partner to have- who is friendly and passionate. You Loves physical contact and also moving around. Your partner would love to have you. But the only concern is being too egoistical and quickly hurt in ego.

You are truthful and honest regarding your emotions which any partner would love to have.
Try to speak with love and care and come out of your own self- and you will have a smooth love life.

Your short term affairs may go on well- with a nice and compassionate partner- but for long term one’s you might face some basic difference of opinions and coldness.

Leo Man Or Leo Women as a Lover :
You are a ruler and leader even in the matters oif love. You would love to dominate matters- have fun and enjoy physical intimacy.
A Lion or Lioness does not take any other Lion or Lioness. So you need full freedom in love.

If there is fun, independence and change and good sex in a relationship you would be fine.

Leo Lover Good Dates For Love & Romance:
1,19,12, 27,28,30
Leo Lover Dates Of Caution For Love & Romance:
9,18(hard date), 27, 8, 17,7,26
Leo Lover Lucky months For Love & Romance:
April, January , December
November(mixed effects) and August, would be fair.
Leo Lover – which sun signs are compatible with your inner love nature
Aries, Capricorn to some extent- as it is earth sign , December( fire sign)
November(mixed effects) and August would also be fair.


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