Horoscope fifth house or Putra bhava : The childrens well being ,happiness , & happiness through kids

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Horoscope fifth house or Putra bhava : The children’s well being ,happiness , & happiness through kids The fifth house (putra bhava), its lord , the lord of 9th house and Jupiter are the prime determinants of children- in terms of their possibility of birth, longevity, happiness through them etc. Mars /Saturn and rahu-ketu are malefic. Jupiter is also taken as an ascendant for children. The various Yogas and combinations are given below for children and various aspects connected to the same. Effects of Various Combinations or Yogas for Children’s House Or putra Bhava:

  • If the lord of firth house or putra behave is in own  rashi or sun sign, or is in an angle(1/5/9 house) or angular house(4/7/10)- there  would be happiness through children.
  • As the promise for happiness to self is determined by lagan and happiness through children by putra behave, when both are comfortable – one could draw this judgement.
  • If the lord of fifth house is in 6th house or ari behave , 8th house or randhir behave or house of waste(vyaya behave)/12th house – there is very less chance of having kids. As these house reduce the chance of anything growing-especially the 8th house.
  • If the lord of fifth house is combust(near sun) or is in conjunction with malefic(mars/Saturn or rahu-ketu) &be weak as well- the chance of having kids is very less.Even if one conceives- the children may not life long. Being com-bust or with malefic suggest weak life force of kids and accident prone due to malefic around.
  • If there is conjunction of first house lord/lagan behave  with lord of fifth house is a good house- one could easily and early attain kids and also get happiness from them.Here a strong energy to putra behave ensures much quicker fruition and happiness from the kids.
  • If the first house lord(lagan behave) and putra behave lord (fifth house lord) join in a evil behave or house like (8t/6th/12th)- there not only could be delays in having kids as the self(lagan or the self bears the problems due to kids) , but the happiness would be less due to the kids.
  • If the lord of fifth house or putra behave is in 6th house or ari behave and the lord of ascendant(lagan) is with mars a malefic – the native could lose the first child. Also later the wife may not be able to bear a child.Mars is an aggressive planet and gives effects faster. So the first child affected.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra behave sits in 6/8/12 house of ari/randhir and vaya behave- the  person’s wife can give only one child. Unless the lord of 5th is strong enough.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra behave is weak and debilitated and does not get any aspect or drishti that is benefic. Also Saturn and mercury are ion fifth house- there is a chance of having less children or one child only.
  • If the lord of ninth house(dharma) be in  fifth house or putra behave, & the lord of fifth house/putra behave is weak and ketu is with mercury(budha) in fifth house- there could be a lot of effort & troubles  in getting an issues. As ketu contracts the 5th house and budha/mercury as well(mercury rules kids).
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is in malefic houses like 6th/8th or 12th OR be in an not so friendly rashi  or sign OR be in fall or detriment OR in fifth house itself- the person would get kids with a lot of difficulties.
  • If the fifth house or putra bhava is owned by planet Saturn or by mercury and be occupied by Saturn or a mandi- the person might have adopted issues(issues foreign from self).
  • If the planet sun and mars are together in same sign or rashi and in the same navamsa- the person could be brought up by two father and three mothers.
  • There could be adapted issues if the fifth house has six planets in it, while the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is in 12th house also moon and lagna have fair strength( this ensures the benefit to come to self).Basically multiple influences in the 5th house along with strong lagan ensure an issue- but may ne not out of the wedlock.
  • There could be many kids or children if the lord of first house or putra bhava is strong- while the fifth house has aspects or drishti of strong mercury(budha),Jupiter(Guru) and venus(shukra).With this the 5th house become more fertile land for  kids.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is with planet moon(Chandra) or is in the decanate of moon- the chance of having daughters is very high as per the jyotishya vidya.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is in a  movable sign or rashi, while planet Saturn is in 5th, also rahu is with moon(Chandra)- the child born is of questionable birth.Movable sign and Saturn in 5th adds to fluidity of the Childs origin and rahu with moon endorses the same, so the judgement
  • The person could be born due to foreign father is moon(that represents the mother) is in 8th house and Jupiter(Guru) the planet of ethics and dharma is 8th from moon( mind  or mother). Also there should be malefic aspect or drishti here to confirm.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is exalted or in 2/5/9 house or dhana/putra or dharma bhava or in conjunction or aspect by Jupiter- one could get kids easily.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava has 3-4 malefic and the lord of fifth house is in debility and a benefic(including mercury/budha) is not in 5th. The children of the person might indulge in mean deeds.There is an excess or malefic energy in 5th house and no support from the ascendant is there.
  • If the fifth house or putra bhava has planet Jupiter in it and the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is with venus- one could have kids in 32 or 33rd year.
  • If the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is in a angle or trines(1/5/9) along with Jupiter/Guru the signifactor or karaka for  children- the person would get a child in 30th or 26th year
  • If the planet Jupiter or guru is in ninth house or dharma bhava and also venus or shukra is 9th from Jupiter along with the ascendant lord or lagan. One could get a child at the age of 40.
  • If planet rahu is in fifth house (putra bhava) ,the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is in conjunction with a malefic planet and the planet Jupiter(guru) the karaka for children is in debility- the person could lose his or her child at the age of 32.
  • If from the karaka of children/Guru- malefic sit 5th from Guru and one more is in 5th from ascendant/lagan.
  • If there is mandi in the ascendant or lagan and the lord of ascendant/lagan is in debility- there could be loss of child at the age of 56.
  • If the fourth house/bandhu bhava and sixth house(ari bhava) are occupied by malefic and the lord of fifth or putra bhava is exalted and joins the lord of ascendant and the planet of children guru is with one another benefic- the person could have 10 sons.
  • If planet Jupiter or guru is exalted- rahu is eighth lord of 2nd house and dharma(The ninth house- represents kids again) is with own lord. The person could have 9 sons.
  •  If planet Jupiter or guru is in 5th house or in 9th house dharma bhava. Also the lord of 5th or putra bhava is strong and lord of 2nd house/family is in house of action/karma. 8 sons would be born.
  •  Only one son is denoted, if there be a malefic in Putr Bhava, while Guru is in the 5th from Śani, or vice versa. If Putr Bhava has a malefic in it, or, if Śani is in the 5th from Guru, the native will beget offspring only through his second, or third wife.
  • If there is  a malefic in 5th house or putra bhava and the planet for kids (guru or Jupiter) is 5th from Saturn or Saturn is 5th from Jupiter. The only one son would be there.
  • Also if the 5th house or putra bhava has a  malefic in it or  if Saturn is 5th from the karaka of kids Jupiter. The person would get a children from 2nd or third wife.
  • If the fifth house is occupied by a malefic and the planet Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn or shani in the fifth house, the lord of ascendant is in 2nd house , also the lord of fifth house or putra bhava is in conjunction with mars or mangal- the person would have a long life as ascendant is in 2nd house- but may lose is children one after other.With so many malefic influences – there is harm to kids.
  • Anushka_Sharma_and_Virat_Kohli_at_Vogue_Beauty_Awards kids children putra bhava fifth hsoue
    What to expect form Virat Kohli and Anushka sharma in regard to children or kids?
    Birth Details Virat Kohli
    • Virat Kohli
    • Date of Birth: 5th November, 1988
    • Time of Birth: 10:28 AM (Unconfirmed)
    • Place of Birth: Delhi, India
    virat-kohli-natal-lagna-cricket-indian-captain children kids fifth bhava house putra bhava
    what is the children scope for Virat Kohli with anushka Sharma? Any pregnancy complications, delays and what kind of children to expect??

  • The surya lagan for virat kohli is dhanu or sagittarius.This is a benefic and gives expansion and grace in life.
  • The lord of his putra bhava or fifth house is mars or Mangal is in the fourth house so this is Kendra and is friendly with the lagna Jupiter so good fro virat kohli having kids.
  • Also it suggest his children would be sports men action oriented plus with good samaskaras as well due to Pisces or lordship of Jupiter or guru is there.
  • Jupiter(guru) the putra karaka is a bit young and in the sixth bhava of vighna.
  • so presence of mars and retrograde Jupiter or guru and in sixth suggest that health of kids or children for virat kohli may have slight issues and also there could be some issues and complications in having children for virat kohli and anushka Sharma.
  • But the children born would be good and virtues or samskarasa.
  • The lord of fifth house mars or Mangal has an aspect of moon form the eighth house, so anushka Sharma has to be careful in regard to pregnancies and also Venus the lord of sixth house and eleventh house. So yes surgery may be needed in child bearing.
  • Plus the children would be action oriented, sportsman type with good dharma samskars and also would be beautiful.