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About this article ?

  • This highly interesting article on anil Ambani analyses at various levels the High success and failure of His based-on Horoscope or Kundli.
  • The article at length talks about How anil Ambani achieved greatness and then lost it.
  • Plus about his family life, name fame, Image in society, dharma, ethics, Job or career and support from his elder brother mukesh ambani ji.
  • His career, Money, Finances, Children, father etc all analyzed deeply.
  • What planetary combinations or Yoga’s makes anil Ambani different from others? What awaits him in his business ventures(reliance infrastructure, reliance communication).
  • in the previous year’s predictions /forecast? Discover all this by science Vedic astrology
  • It also looks at what made anil Ambani a great success in career or Money matters and then became bankrupt in 2020!
  • Plus it looks at anil Ambani’s Kundli or Horoscope suggests having a great father like Dhirubhai Ambani.
  • also what does the Horoscope suggest about the future plans of children of anil Ambani Anmol and Anshul based on Vedic astrology.
  • all analyzed in depth and in detail.
  • birth details anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance group
    Birth & Horoscope Details of Anil Ambani
    Name: Anil Ambani
    Date of Birth: Thursday, June 04, 1959
    Time of Birth: 22:30:00
    Place of Birth: Mumbai
    Longitude: 72 E 50
    Latitude: 18 N 58
    Time Zone: 5.5


    What planets cause Anil Ambani a great person to at least achieve basic success based on his Horoscope or Kundli? :

  • In the Horoscope or Kundli of anil Ambani ascendant lord is Capricorn as per Vedic astrology principles.
  • This rashi or zodiac sign describes the ankles of the kala purusha of Vedic astrology, that is the human body.
  • It’s a movable and active sign, with windy disposition.
  • We all know how active and dynamic anil Ambani is in real life and the kind of progress he has been able to take his father’s legacy of late Sri dhiru bhai Ambani.
  • The lord of this sign is Saturn or Shani the planet of discipline and order that is Shani or Saturn as per western and Vedic astrology.
  • An industry of the scale of reliance cannot be built or sustained without the right kind of discipline and sustained effort as given by Anil Ambani.
  • This sign Capricorn or Makar rashi in the Horoscope or Kundli and has earth element domination that means gains from landed properties and also petrol for anil Ambani.
  • The strength for Capricorn sign in the Horoscope is in the southern direction.
  • so anil Ambani would gain more in industries in south of India or even extending his empire to Australia or Sri Lanka
  • There is an element of tamoguna , demoniac nature of rahu(dragon’s head) effect.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) we know affects petrol.
  • Reliance is also a big name in energy/petrol industry. We see the accuracy of Vedic astrology in the same.
  • This combination in anil Ambani’s Horoscope or Kundli of ascendant lord being in 12th reduces the physical comfort of the person (if devoid of benefic aspect from a good planet- as it applies to Anil Ambani after the Fall in business).
  • There is an energy exchange from Jupiter or Guru , so he would have good gains, but maybe he would not be attached to the same.
  • The happiness would be less for physical comfort matter in certain times.
  • Also one could make anil Ambani prone to anger.
  • The expenditure might be in excess due to placement in 12th house of lagan.
  • The expenditure part could be true for anil Ambani
  • The lagan lord or ascendant Capricorn or Saturn is in the twelfth house of the Horoscope.
  • so clearly suggest gains from foreign lands and in areas connected to Saturn and Jupiter, as the dispositer is Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi for Saturn or shani.
  • Now Saturn is en elder brother of Rahu or dragon’s head, plus Jupiter also rules wood and fossils fuels etc along with rahu.
  • so petrol or oil was bound to give anil ambani great success.
  • which he had in life.
  • career success Yoga’s anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance group
    What planetary energies or Yoga’s in the Horoscope or Kundli of anil Ambani Made him a great success once and then a Greatest failure?

  • The lord of the 10th bhava or house of the Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji
    is Libra or Venus. This is also the Tula rashi, the sign of balance and harmony.:)
  • Venus rules beauty and harmony and better surroundings.
  • so based on Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji, if he had worked in beauty, care, safe environment, or safe housing or eco system, he would have done great or better than he did.
  • But he choose petroleum industry and other stuff.
  • he had reliance, capital , power and infrastructure and communications.
  • so only reliance capital was suitable based on his Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Yes Venus or shukra could give anil Ambani ji good gains, especially in partnership-but note it’s with a hard and agitated mars or mangal in the cancer sign or karkat rashi.
  • this angry mars gives him failure in the infrastructure industry and also capital industry.
  • so mars or mangal period could bring based on Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji doom in career or job.
  • He was also running Saturn or Shani sadhe sati last year 2020, when he declared himself bankrupt.
  • so all this clearly points to that it was a tough time as mars gets even more angry when the lagna gets Saturn to Shani dev energy.
  • as in Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji, mars is aspecting the lagna or ascendant of his.
  • so mix of mars and Saturn sadhe sati or transit energies created doom for anil Ambani’s career or job matters.
  • Also Nataly Saturn of Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji is linked with Aries and Leo energies.
  • so a high action quotient and also Lion like courage mostly to take new initiatives to get things done.
  • so being a high-risk taker also lead to all these problems as Mars or Aries linked to his career karma is agitated in the cancer sign and impacts the 10th bhava lord of Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji.
  • Also the Leo sign lord sun is in Taurus sign, so again very weak in 5th bhava.
  • so impacting the initiatives of Anil Ambani ji.
  • despite anil Ambani ji’s ability to get deep into matters and being practical hands on and analytical , all the problems happened to him unfortunately.
  • money wealth status bankruptcy anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance group
    What planetary energies or Yoga’s in the Horoscope or Kundli of anil Ambani Made him a 6th ranking money man in the top magazines and then with no money or bankrupt?

  • Saturn or Shani the 2nd bhava lord for money is in 12th bhava for Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji.
  • so money from foreign lands and also money losses from foreign lands is indicated for him.
  • but Saturn being just OK, so issues in Anil Ambani ji’s wealth and status is also indicated.
  • Mars the 11th bhava lord is in 7th bhava.
  • with Jupiter or Guru there in the horoscope of anil Ambani ji in 11th bhava.
  • so gains in partnerships and help from friends and elder brother is indicated.
    but so are lot of conflicts also indicated.
  • Anil Ambani ji in fact had sever conflict in courts with Chinese banks and also his elder brother Mukesh Ambani ji.
  • This mars or mangal is weak in the cancer sign, aspect the lagan or ascendant so makes anil Ambani ji hasty and short tempered in decision making.
  • so over all haste could cause losses to base on Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji.
  • Though help form brothers like Mukesh Ambani is predicted. Which is 100% correct.
  • children kids anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance group
    What planetary energies or Yoga’s in the Horoscope or Kundli of anil Ambani Gave him great handsome kids and what the kids would do in the future?

  • Taurus or vrishabha rashi rules the 7th bhava of Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji.
  • so Venus rules the kids for Him.
  • Venus is for beauty and luxury ; it is with mars or mangal – so he is blessed with two sons. 🙂
  • who are handsome and obviously in luxury as such.:)
  • yes the kids for Anil Ambani ji would be highly action oriented and can do or take great initiative in action industry or creativity as such.
  • As Venus is placed in 3rd bhava of children. plus as 12th bhava lord mars(Aries sign) and also 7th bhava sign of Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji for children( or with reference to 5th bhava) is in 3rd bhava.
  • so both his children would make a lot of connections with foreign world and also travel a lot. as may be their father has done.
  • Mercury the lord of 2nd bhava or house from 5th house is in 5th house or lagna or ascendant for kids- so great success and wealth for anil Ambani kids is there.
  • Namely Anmol and Anshul Ambani.
  • so is Moon there in the 5th house, so makes both of them handsome and fair looking:).
  • which is 100% true.
  • Now moon is 3rd from 5th house of children and in lagna, so the children would also have great initiative for Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji.
  • Makes them good in public relationships and may take up knowledge related adventures and less of labor-oriented work.
  • Jupiter the karaka for children for Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji is very strong, so blesses his kids with good money and success for sure.
  • so his kids would be blessed and have deep knowledge as well.
  • Note Jupiter is ins Scorpio or Vrishchika rashi and just behind karma karaka Saturn or Shani.
  • awards recognition fame name anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    What does the Horoscope or Kundli of anil ambani say about his name and fame ?

  • As said earlier anil ambani was bound to win due to strong connection of Saturn and Jupiter in petrol industry.
  • also Jupiter or guru the planet of money and success blessings is in the 11th house of gains and money.
  • that also on the Scorpio sign.
  • so sure Jupiter in 11th bhava means money , so does suggest great money for anil ambani.
  • as Jupiter and 11th house both are karaka for money or wealth matters.
  • Due to Jupiter or Guru here anil ambani could be fond of music.
  • so could anil Ambani do well in partying or have many friends as Jupiter or Guru and eleventh house both are karaka for well wishers, friends and elder brother.
  • so does the strength of the eleventh house suggest accumulation of riches by anil ambani that is 100% true.
  • As Vyaya Lord or the twelfth house lord is in Labh Bhava or eleventh house, means there is a connection of losses to well wishers for anil ambani.
  • plus so is gains possible for anil ambani from other people.
  • his friends or well wishers could cause him more expenditure.
  • love marriage tina munim anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    What does the Horoscope or Kundli of anil ambani about his Married Life ?
    seventh house love marraige anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    Role of 7th house lord for married life of Anil ambani?

  • This 7th lord Moon for the Horoscope or Anil Ambani is exalted in 5th bhava may means possible
    and early marriage, so did he get married at a relatively Younger age.
  • So does this connection suggest a very emotional nature to anil Ambani and love affair converting to marriage.
  • this is 100% correct for Tina Munim and Anil Ambani.
  • The partner of anil ambani could hail from a good family.
  • It suggest that the life partner of anil ambani would not only be from a nice family, but also could have influence of art and cinema.
  • 🙂 note he has energies of Moon and Venus both there.
  • sun the lord of 6th house is there, so conflicts could be there for anil ambani in married life(he did have some affairs as well, like with sushmita sen etc), but so is suggested his wife could be with good dignity.
  • yes tuna Munim was a well known film star.
  • mercury budha anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    Role of Mercury for married life of Anil ambani?

  • Mercury close to 7th house lord suggest good luck to married life despite issues.

  • plus some inclinations of life partner to dharma and reading about dharma.
  • sun surya planet anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    Role of Venus for married life of Anil ambani?
    Venus or shukra in the 7th bhava could make the wife of anil ambani ji beautiful.
  • so also makes anil ambani Ji passionate about love matters.
  • Venus aspects the lagna or ascendant for anil ambani ji so makes him suave with charming manners .
  • mars mangal anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    Roles of Mars for married life of anil ambani?

  • he may also at times be more fun loving and merry 🙂 his passion needs some basic controls.
  • anil Ambani is destined to do great in partnerships especially with opposite sex people.
  • Now mars or mangal dev is also in the 7th house of horoscope of anil ambani ji .
  • So clearly suggest a he loves sports and could be athletic.
  • yes unlike others anil ambani looks quite slim.
  • dharma religion ethics anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology
    What does the Horoscope or Kundli of anil ambani say about his following of dharma or ethics ?

  • As rahu or dragon’s head is there in the ninth house, for anil ambani ji’s Horoscope.
  • as this is the house of action for his wife.
  • so she could be disciplined and tough in nature, plus rahu deals with cinema as well the light and shadow devices.
  • so suggest his wife could be form film industry.
  • so does Rahu suggest anil Ambani ji could get deep into dharma or not at all.
  • rahu or dragon’s head in the ninth house could give both these two tendencies.
  • The moral and ethical value have to be followed well.
  • There could be conflicts with father and issues with religion or belief systems at times.
  • Rahu also harmonizes a bit with the ninth house and could give wealth and fame to the person as aspect to first house of self is also there and good energy of ninth bhava is also there.
  • also an exalted moon in 5th house, does give some inclination of anil ambani ji’s for dharma or religion as well.
  • mukesh anil ambani horoscope kundli astrology brother sibling
    What does the Horoscope or Kundli of anil ambani say about support from elder brother Like Mukesh ambani ?

  • As Labh’s Lord or the 11th bhava lord is in Yuvati Bhava or 7th house of anil ambani’s Horoscope , so he could always gains from his relatives That is his brother Mukesh Ambani.
  • so gains from brother is there as aspect of 11th house lord n lagna or ascendant is also there.
  • so is the passion of his brother sri Mukesh ambani reflected on his face.
  • he is bound more to gains from his brother sri Mukesh ambani.
  • 🙂 we know rest is history.
  • apart from mukesh ambani, he is bound to have gains from his well wishers as well.
  • dhiru bhai ambani anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance group
    Does the kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji suggest that he could have an illustrious father like Dhiru bhai Ambani?

  • Now 9th bhava or house is the father house for Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji.
  • it has rahu, so suggest that his father Sri dhirubhai Ambani ji would be highly innovative and also rahu deals with petrol and Arab countries.
  • we know that dhirubhai Ambani ji had strong connection to these countries.
  • Now Virgo or kanya rashi lord mercury is sitting on the 9th bhava of the Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji from the 9th bhava where rahu is.
  • suggested that his father was blessed person with good fortune and luck for sure.
  • we know that he was very rich.
  • Moon the lord of 11th bhava from the 9th bhava of Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji’s is there in the 9th bhava.
  • so that means great gains, help and money for dhirubhai Ambani ji the father of anil and Mukesh Ambani ji.:)
    all is 100% true.
  • mercury the lord of lagna and the 10th house or bhava of career for Horoscope of father of Kundli or Horoscope of Anil Ambani ji’s father( 9th bhava is taken as lagna or ascendant).
  • so great gains and success and karma or action and a raja Yoga is there for Dhirubhai Ambani Ji for sure.
  • We know that anil Ambani ji’s father was an action Guru and also very lucky and a king , basically a prince form pauper .
  • he struggled and created his niche.:)
  • Rest is History.:)
  • anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance group

    2016 horoscope predictions for Anil Ambani

  • anil Ambani’s Interest in occult studies like astrology(Vedic astrology) and numerology could grow in year 2016.
  • He might visit astrologers or numerologists this year. Not much gain in fortune for the year 2016 as compared to year 2015.
  • Trouble to male child. One may not follow dharma- that is means less interest in religion or dharma as compared to the past.. Interest in occult and tantra/astrology may grow.
  • Expected contraction in fortune possible for anil Ambani in 2016.
  • May not be good for land deals for anil Ambani.

  • Some Trouble with landed properties anil Ambani(reliance infrastructure, reliance communications & reliance capital).
  • Raking up of past issues for anil Ambani in reliance communications/reliance capital or reliance infrastructure.
  • Unexpected expenses would be there.

  • Aspect on 2nd house means, unexpected wealth flow or status(image) related issues could come to fore for him .
  • One needs to guard well on family matter. That is to take care of family members.
  • One could come more in limelight in year 2016 and should follow the society conventions.