Hardik Pandya T20 2016 world cup cricket and General 2016 Forecast



What is the real Hardik Pandya  from within ? What awaits him in 2016 T20 world cup cricket matches? Discover all this by science  Vedic astrology

Name: Hardik Pandya

Date of Birth: October 11 1993

Time of Birth: not known

Place of Birth: not known

So we have taken sun kundli or solar horoscope for hardik pandya.


Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Hardik Pandya :

  • Ascendant mercury is  not very strong, but in 2nd house of wealth flows and  This brings him the yoga/conjunction of name and fame he has got.
  • But as sun ruler of 12th in 1st means he could get more fame in cricket games in foreign lands & yes foreign teams, rather than in India.
  • The lord of 9th(Luck) & 2nd(wealth and status) sharing energy and comfort with sun, gives him his due and balances some negativity of sun.
  • Moon in caner gives him some mental stability- that is a better emotional control than normal t face stress situations in cricket.

2016 horoscope forecast for Hardik Pandya

  • Jupiter transit in 12th house of his would give him some gains in year 2016 cricket matches but not much.
  • 2016 could be an year when he could blow hot and cold- that is success and failure-
  • Saturn and mars in 3rd with his natal rahu could cause him do lot of sudden and rash actions in cricket – that could make him a hero or a zero at times. March 2016 is a great time for him for T20 world cup cricket matches, also June 2016 and October ending could give him great rewards.
  • But still 2016 would be better than 2015 performance for hardik pandya.
  • Year 2017 could be a bit hard for him to struggle and get name and fame as rahu comes in ascendant of his, affecting his natal sun- the planet for image and vitality.

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