Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) The Leg spinner of Indian Cricket team and IPL -2016 Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology

Harbhajan-Singh-picturehoroscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

About this article?:

  • This article at length discussed the Horoscope for the cricketer Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji).
  • It talk about what gave Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) a great heigh and name in cricket career.
  • what planetary combinations ousted him from cricket etc.
  • What is the role of various planets like mars(mangal),Saturn(Shani), Venus or shukra, Tula Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi etc on his career and personal life is also taken in detail
  • The article also talks about Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji)’s person life and wife on what planetary conditions may him marry Harbhajan basra.
  • what role did planets play in IPL matches or for Indian Cricket, in the year 2016? Discover this based on science Vedic astrology
  • Harbhajan
    Horoscope Or Kundli of Harbhajan Singh Bhajji
    Name: Harbhajan Singh
    Date of Birth: Thursday, July 03, 1980
    Time of Birth: 17:00:00
    Place of Birth: Jalandhar
    Longitude: 75 E 34
    Latitude: 31 N 19
    Time Zone: 5.5
    horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli
    Horoscope analysis of Harbhajan Singh Bhajji and Indian cricket
    scorpio vrishchika horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • The lagan or ascendant for Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) is Scorpio or Vrishchika in the 11th house of his horoscope.
  • So this suggests gains that is 11th bhava of Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) through proper action that is mars or Mangal.
  • This is very clear Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) is rich and above average for sue 🙂 in terms of money.
  • mars mangal horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • Also being the sixth sign( Virgo or Kanya rashi), it gives Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) a strong connection to home or the mother country India.
  • Mars with Pluto gives him exceptional skills in spinning the balls. 🙂 or making off spin.
  • ketu dragon's tail horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) has ketu in the 3rd bhava, giving him exceptional courage and to do spin in bowling.
  • Moon in the 4th bhava of his family house gives him picky nature and also travel.
  • Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) had a lot of travels in his cricket career.
  • love wife horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • Venus in the 7th bhava in Taurus sign signifies about Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji)’s wife in his horoscope.
  • suggest that she would be very beautiful and connected to the art industry. 🙂 Now she is from the film industry.
  • career job horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • the career of Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) is ruled by sun or Leo. so he would go to the top of the cricket career as he did.
  • but being in the 8th bhava, Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) is prone to losses all.
  • in 1998 Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) suspended form ODI and also in 2017 champions trophy of cricket , he was dropped. so all this is due to sun in the 8th bhava of Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji).
  • saturn shani horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • Saturn in the 10th bhava along with Jupiter suggests gains and expansion in career. but with delays and issues.
  • also as Saturn(Shani) rules 3 and 4th bhava of the horoscope for Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji), so does suggest good name and fame for him. but with issues and problems.
  • predictions horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli
    Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji):
    mars managl dev horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • Harbhajan Singh Bhajji the cricketer is a Scorpio ascendant(Vrishchika rashi person), and Mars or Mangal dev is the ruler of this ascendant.
  • Mars represents passion.
  • We know he is passionate player and planned into trouble or controversies due to his extra passion(slapping sreeshanth, scuffle with police at Guwahati etc).
  • Scorpio or Vrishchika rashi people are generally slender in appearance and is representing centipede.
  • The colour of this sign is reddish-brown just like the centipede.
  • Most of the description of the physique matches with Harbhajan Singh
  • water horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

  • As Scorpio sign in any Horoscope can live both in land and water.
  • It means Harbhajan Singh bhajji can play well in cricket and also water sports.
  • Spin balling of his is fluid like water so in a sense he has water qualities in his.
  • The direction Scorpio rules are north.
  • That is North direction would benefit Harbhajan Singh or bhajji more,.
  • As the centipede it is hairy and has great passion hidden in people ruled by this sign.
  • Harbhajan Singh’s ascendant Lord is in XIth house of gains.
  • so Harbhajan Singh will generally get with gains with proper action and passion due to mars and have great qualities.
  • so would have lot of fame ; fiery and also gains from opposite sex and wife.
  • planets horoscope harbhajan singh bhajji indian cricket  IPL kundli

    2016 horoscope predictions for Harbhajan Singh(Bhajji) in the arena of cricket

  • 2016 could give Harbhajan Singh mixed results(more of gains) in IPL matches or the way BCCI looks at him for the Indian cricket team.
  • Jupiter or guru is weakened in 10th house in transit, but still it could give gains in career and expansion in career and name in IPL or Indian cricket team for Harbhajan Singh.
  • It means betterment of family as aspect on 4th house of family and mind is there for Harbhajan Singh.
  • More inclination to dharma and ethical living could come in for Harbhajan Singh’s mind at least based on his Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Some gains in wealth and status could be there due to aspect on 2nd house in his Horoscope- in the IPL/BCCI matches for the Indian cricket team.
  • Also aspect on 7th could mean better job offers or new long-term relationships for Harbhajan Singh(bhajji) the cricketer’s horoscope-