The Unfortunate Hajj stampede & Role of Solar Eclipse

About Hajj Tragedy:

There have been many serious incidents during the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, that have caused the loss of thousands of lives. Every follower of Islam is required to visit Mecca during the Hajj at least once in his or her lifetime, if able to do so; the pilgrimage is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During the month of the Hajj, Mecca must cope with as many as three million pilgrims.

September 24, 2015: More than 700 pilgrims were killed and another 863 injured during a stampede in the 2015 Hajj.

A Prelude and Homage to ALL the Departed Souls

This incident of hajj tragedy has shaken everyone in the world. So has it shaken  me as a human being. Our heartfelt prayers for all the departed Souls. Amen.

The intent of this article is to see , if and how much  could we use astrology combined with  modern  science to reduce the losses  of life due to incidents like earth quakes (recently in Nepal) or the Flash Floods in Uttrakhand(India)- A  Tragedy where thousands got killed in the holy valley?

There are no claims that astrology-  at the moment, can pin point exact place and time of a calamity- but sure with proper  research  and digging into these much neglected sciences- something useful for the mankind could be found out for sure.

The View of Samhita’s(Vedic Astrology)

  • We know recently there was a solar eclipse on 13th September 2015 having an impact on regions like Africa and connected areas (includes Arab nations) .

Now as per the Hindu  Samhitas(Vedic Astrology) ,the malefic  energy is absorbed by the sign in which the eclipse happens and also the planet Sun and then released for next around 6 months and many times resulting into mass deaths or natural calamities.

  • Now ,note the date of eclipse= 13th = 4 = Rahu/Uranus ,this Number and Planet Rahu(rules petrol also) as such has a ruling on Arab nations.
  • Also note the Eclipse happened in 2015 September , which is sun sign of Virgo (ruled by planet mercury). Now check based sun sign assignment and you will find that , Arab nations are under the ruler ship of sun sign of Virgo.
  • Additionally the date of the tragedy is 24 September 2015 = total of = 24/6(2+4=6)    + September/9(9th month) + 2015/8( 2+0+1+5=8) Total Equals = 6+9+8 = 23= 5= Planet Mercury. Now mercury  rules sign Virgo.
  • So one can clearly see a high connection with solar eclipse malefic energy and the tragedy.
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The View of Science & Technology

  • Now one may say, it is purely due to human error- that also correct- but for almost 9 years single Saudi Arabia government installed new equipment , that is 3285 days, there was No tragedy( Before 2006 the frequency of tragedies is much higher, one could check on the Google.)
  • So what is the chance of such an event happening, after the new equipments are installed? It is 1 out of 3285 = 1/3285 = 000304414! It is a very low chance.
  • But then the question is why did it happen on that day? – I trust that’s where astrology comes into play.
  • But that does not mean the science or human effort to improve , should not be there. No not at all- infact based on science and human will- we should constantly improve and not rely on fate as such, but at the same time use astrology scientifically to help the humanity

The Hindus(Vedic astrology) Believe that anything happens due to = HUMAN  Will + GOD’s/Divine Will.

Some  parts(not all, some secrets are only known to GOD) of GOD’s will are expressed through the science of astrology ,and Human will is expressed through the technology and effort we do. If we combine the both- we could get the best results to help society.


All the sciences revealed to the mankind are it from Hindus, Muslims,Christians,Jews or any other religion should be used constructively to help mankind Along with Modern science.

The idea is to get the best of the ALL.

At the end, I once again pray for peace for all the Departed souls and their loved Ones. Amen.