GEMINI 2016 Horoscope

 gemini 2016 horoscope astrology

GEMINI 2016 Horoscope Overview:

Overall average a  time when there could be lots of discussions and may be arguments – on various  matters could be there due to malefic influences. Avoid being angry or use of aggressive communications. Arguments to be avoided this time.

Let not what you speak or write be aggressive. Could entail a passionate and emotional time.Gains and losses both are possible for you.Health is a issue. Try to handle opposition in office and home well.Take good care of elder siblings.

January and February could be just fair months for you. More than average communications to do with business or important matters could be there.

March could mean great fun, talk, business, money and yes family outings . Make the best use of this time.

April is a time when you should be careful of what you speak Avoid any rifts coming in at family front due to restlessness.

May is a time when work and fun could conflict. So you need to strike a balance. Attend to your family needs well.

June 2016 could mean too much of talk or communication with people, lots of changes that could be stressful. Guard on your stress well.

July is a time for too many changes, movement and stressful time. Guard against unexpected matters for your family. remember your words are golden , so speak with care now.

August means a new change. It helps you to assert your independence. Avoid being harsh now.

September is a time when too much of talk and communication and business could be there. strike a balance. Speak with care. Family roles or office roles and outings could cause an inner conflict this time.

October is a time to strike a balance in fun, outings and yes family matters.

November is an intense period when emotions & what you speak now to be kept under watch. Avoidance of restlessness is the key.

December could mean fun, family outings , good for business and overall fun . Fun and outings could be at a peak now.Lot of changes to deal with now.


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2016 GEMINI Horoscopes:

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