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VIRGO Personality:

Virgo    has the Earth    element in it and is the sixth     sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet mercury – the planet is to do with quick thinking and business. This makes you naturally inclined to do business and thinking/intellectual as well.

You have good intellect and would generally be successful.

You want harmony and love around you more than any other sign. Dress and home might be something which you would like to have the best.
You would be a good supporter of law.In your early years you could be very pious and pure and then may be turning around to the other extreme.

You have to specifically avoid drugs and drinks.

VIRGO Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You love harmony around in home- and having the right partner is very important for you- else family life could get affected.

You should avoid being over critical about matters.

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VIRGO Career Horoscope:

You could do well in careers to do with business, especially business or Money to do with home products or care industry.
Your perseverance would help you win.
You could do well as lawyers.

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VIRGO Money Horoscope:

Avoid being too attached to money, as else it could turn you selfish.

You may do well financially and may be invest in property and home or say care industry.

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VIRGO Health Horoscope:

You are less prone to diseases.
You may be prone to neuritis of shoulders and arms. You have to be careful on trouble with solar plexus and chest.

Avoid imagination of diseases.Have sun light, fresh air and do Yoga for perfect health.
A bad marriage could affect health more than other signs.

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VIRGO Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

A time  when there could be lots of discussions and may be arguments – on various  matters.

One has to keep calm and simply focus on work in hand. Any kind of impulsiveness or being hasty may not bear desired fruits. Ignore if people who might be impulsive in their actions or the way they speak to you. Too much of changes or getting involved  with  many people- be it at   family/office/friends could be source of some trouble.

Unexpected people could connect to you. Your work may not do very well at times, with sudden issues coming to fore.Connect to people who are action oriented- but not people who want to fight or are aggressive.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: ABOVE AVERAGE: Manage your nerves and more than usual excitement, and you might have a good time then

CAREER : ABOVE AVERAGE: Stay away from being jumpy, but at the same time cash on opportunities

LOVE/ROMANCE: ABOVE AVERAGE: Excess pleasure and passion could possibly be there. Be discreet in relationship

FINANCE/STOCKS: ABOVE AVERAGE: Luck is usually supportive for money and budget, ensure simply no decisions usually are hasty

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VIRGO Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

VIRGO Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn

VIRGO Lucky Months:

May, March  and January

VIRGO Lucky dates:

5,14(avoid being too restless and health issues this date, otherwise  OK),23

VIRGO Lucky Colors:

Silver and pale shaded

VIRGO Lucky Stones:

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