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PISCES Personality:

Pisces      has the water      element in it and is the twelfth      sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet Jupiter . Also Pisces  is primarily a fish that lives in water, mostly influences by moon.

So it makes you a bit worrisome as moon and Jupiter( at times) gives a worrisome nature towards money especially. You may want to be financially independent. There could be a great love for travel in you.

Having mental qualities of Jupiter- you might be inclined towards religion, philosophy .

Having Jupiter the key planet- you might be very loyal to your friends.Let your highly emotional nature not let you be influenced by people too much.

Being the 12th sign- you may want to investigate the unknown and mysterious about nature of things.

PISCES  Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You may outwardly appear cold, but inwardly you could be very warm at heart.You may feel yourself alone at heart.

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PISCES  Career Horoscope:

You are responsible and have great amount of fidelity and loyalty on your shoulders.

You will be generally successful in all positions of responsibility due to influence of planet Jupiter. But as Sagittarius people, you may not be very pushy- but wait to be asked for due to relaxing influence of moon.

Due to influence of Jupiter an moon many artists, musicians and literary people are born in this sign as these areas need imagination and yes knowledge given by Jupiter.

If you can develop willpower and overcome over-sensitivity you could do simply great.

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PISCES  Money Horoscope:

One has to avoid being too easy going and relaxed as well. Stay away from self indulgence- avoid being too receptive by your environment and getting influenced too much by false friends in dubious money related schemes.

Save for the rainy day.Also  you need to  have will power and sensitivity and also an easy going nature- then you can get a lot of money.

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 PISCES  Health Horoscope:

Moon rules lungs- so lungs need special care and also Jupiter controls fire in body- so boils and proper circulation in body is much needed.

Mental stress ,insomnia and despondence are possible due to Jupiter negative effects and moon , but doing YOGA would solve all your troubles.

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PISCES  Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

You may be bubbling together with energy, utilize it to connect with people or maybe help other people. Let certain past is important close. Excess energy can be there- one may be for the top with the world with lots of energy in addition to creativity. Connection with larger teams of people, opting for outings, videos, good food are possible on this occasion. Good period  with regard to dharma/religion. Your emotional level could possibly be high in addition to needs management.

Unexpected windfalls possible. You may dig too much in religion or philosophy now. Take good care of father figures.Sudden gain in status, travels and money flows are possible. take good care of your knees.You may become more assertive now.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: ABOVE AVERAGE: Take advantage of the closeness & warmth in addition to energy that is in the environment

CAREER : GOOD: Beneficial and take advantage of the energy now.You may connect to more people and have your good share of luck. Take Care with emotions

LOVE/ROMANCE: GOOD: Wonderful time for relationship- time to enjoy the same. You could expect a passionate and lovable time

FINANCE/STOCKS: GOOD: Could be good period for finances/stocks- luck would be supportive as Jupiter gains more strength.

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Also to a lesser extent(BONUS)

Focus on your do the job and let completion of some of the work commenced earlier take place. One must be less emotional in addition to show manage in wrath situations. Events could happen suddenly.

Stay away from stress in addition to being energetic. Take good care of other people. One may connect with larger lot of people or have meeting/connecting with an increase of than usual people at home or office front.

PISCES Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

PISCES  Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio

PISCES  Lucky Months:

July, September and November.

PISCES  Lucky dates:


PISCES  Lucky Colors:

Violet and purple

PISCES  Lucky Stones:

Sapphires and amethyst
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