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LIBRA Personality:

Libra     has the air     element in it and is the seventh     sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet Venus – the planet of comfort beauty and harmony. This makes you naturally inclined to balance matters too much.

You could be greatly involved in occult or may be devout spiritualist for that matter.

You may have little regard regarding value of money.

LIBRA Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You might have trouble in marital life or love as you might be in a habbit to balance matters too much. This could spoil the sensitivity of love.But internally you may want peace and tranquility.

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LIBRA Career Horoscope:

Ups and downs in career.
Due to ruler ship of Venus and balance you may gravitate more towards study of law, become lawyer or judges. Music career or anything to do with arts could also be on the cards.

You could very well be a part of public life due to your innate desire to balance and adjust matters for betterment of society.Service and care industry could also suit you.

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LIBRA Money Horoscope:

You could do well in speculation regarding money.

You can earn well – but you need to save for the rainy day.

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 LIBRA Health Horoscope:

Trouble due to mental stress/depression is there.

Take good care of kidneys and your back.

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LIBRA Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

A year   when you may feel  fair enough  energy and enthusiasm- on various matters- be it home/office or friends. People could get impulsive or angry- but you have to maintain your balance and forgive and work with sweet words. The time demands action,this could be your boss demanding it/your team member or friends /family members- the best bet is to  make  things  happen and   achieve your goals

New relationships and jobs possible. Slight gain in status possible.You may connect more to people of opposite sex.Try to speak sweetly now.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: ABOVE AVERAGE: The love and feeling levels could possibly be high. Enjoy closing of domestic matters and experiences. Be less emotional to matters and avoid tiffs/fights

CAREER : ABOVE AVERAGE: Your family responsibilities could increase – but so would harmony. Avoid tiffs in addition to fights. Certain times comfort might be less. Respect women and take up more ownership and try to be more caring & responsible.

LOVE/ROMANCE: ABOVE AVERAGE: Take advantage of the heightened joy and love levels

FINANCE/STOCKS: ABOVE AVERAGE: Could be a fair period for finances/stocks- you could attract money , and may be fairly lucky

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LIBRA Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

LIBRA Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Aquarius, Gemini and Aries

LIBRA Lucky Months:

February, June  and April

LIBRA Lucky dates:

6, 15, avoid 24th

LIBRA Lucky Colors:

Purple, blue or violet

LIBRA Lucky Stones:

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