Donald Trump- 2016 US Presidential Candidate For Elections- what is in store for Him? Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

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Donald Trump- the 2016 USA Presidential Candidate For Elections- what is in store for Him? Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish


Donald John Trump is basically a business and also a television person plus yes a politician. His business is into real estate and other matters. He is a nominee for presidential seat by the Republican Party for the 2016 presidential elections.

He is also a billionaire, as listed by Forbes magazine.

Donald Trump: Astrology and Horoscope
See the photo Born: June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM
In Jamaica (new York)-USA
Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Donald trump- Based on vedic Astrology Or Jyotish :
• If ascendant(LEO) Lord is in tenth house of career. This gives him a raja yoga, though not very strong as sun is weak in Taurus
• But apart from the raja Yoga above, he has Uranus and rahu (exalted) in 10th house, giving him exceptional ability to work and also as rahu shares energy with planet sun(leadership), so means becoming leader of people ruled by rahu( That is Christians).
• We know America is mostly a Christian country. Also his exceptional ability to work is reflected in the fact that his name is in the Forbes magazine and has given great successes and failures as well for businesses.
• Also Rahu gives success in Politics- he is running rahu maha dasha and he is fighting lections in Christina dominated country(Rahu), he has a much higher chance to win.
• His mind is reflected by his moon in Scorpio, it is weak and makes him anger prone and moon being in fourth house of family disturbs his family life. He has married thrice!
• The planet Saturn the lord of marriage for him not only rules seventh house of marriage, but house sixth(ari bhava) of conflicts/litigation and fights sixth house and is in twelfth house of withering.
• So apart from a possibility of him losing upon his marriages, his inclinations for sex could also be strong. Note is he is Gemini( number 5) and also born on 14th= 1+4=5= mercury- so could be good at business but also inclined to sex. Just an indication comfirmed based on planets.
• Also 5-5 double combination suggest that he has to be careful or his speech, he has been into controversy many times recently for his speech
• Moon in Scorpio and Scorpio being the fourth house of mind suggests a strong interest in love and sex life PLUS interest in religion. Tendency to dig into past matters( religion is a matter of past, especially in countries like USA/America) and Donald trump would dig into the same as confirmed by his speeches.
• His stars suggest that he might have a deep dislike for some people- his speeches about migrants and Muslims sort of confirms the same.
• Vedic astrology or jyotish is a magic wand to unravel the secrets of any one’s ;life or destiny
2016 horoscope(US presidential elections) forecast for Donald trump

• rahu-MAR till 17/11/16
• Jupiter -Jupiter- till atleast 2018

• We have discussed that rahu maha dasha could bring him intensely into points and also give hims success as rahu is exalted
• Rahu rules public image and affects the house of public image- that is the fourth house beneficially for him, mars is a Yoga karaka(mars rules 9/4, now ninth house is of fortune and luck and fourth house rules public image- so he would get support of public due to his rahu and mars both) for him and is fair enough strong in ascendant..
• Over all he will get an exceptional thrust to his public image and he should win in all probability.
• Let us look at post election timer for him- its ruled by Jupiter that is benefic –in the second house of gains and status also transit Jupiter would be in his second house of dhana(money) and status by this year 2016 end.
• Jupiter rules 5/8- so could give him exceptional gains and victory. Also he would get the respect and honor as Jupiter is on a strong dispositer. mercury and mercury is in the house of gains
• So Jupiter would give him windfall, more action or work to do as president, get into public image and also help the downtrodden and focus on religion/dharma.he will actively help christian missionaries & have active participation in reducing terrorism by talks and pacification of terror groups.
He has a much higher chance and indications to win- GOD bless him and America.

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