Divisional Horoscopes: How to ascertain Good & Bad Vargas or Divisions of a sign in a Horoscope?

The malefic or bad Vargas or divisions or category that fall in:
• Planets exaltation
• Mool trikona sign
• Owned by Kendra Lord with respect to arudha lagan

How to find out weak Vargas Or Divisions of a sign in Horoscope ?
• Planets that are close to sun and are combust
• The planets that have been defeated in planetary wars
• The planets that are either in young age ( 0 to 5 degrees) Or in Old age (25 to 30 degrees)
The good effects of any yoga or conjunction does not come up, which is quite natural – say a planet is strong in lagan but weak in navamsa- the good effects of that planet or yogas formed by that planet would not come up.

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