The Dasamsa Divisional Horoscope or Varga Birth Chart

How to Calculate the dasamsa Divisional Horoscope OR Varga Birth Chart , and the Divisions Ruelrship by Various Deities
In case of dasamsa or the 10th harmonic divisional chart, the lordships of the parts of the 10 parts of the sign are taken from the same sign or rashi for odd signs(like aries(1),Gemini(3) etc) and the lordship is taken from 9th sign is the sign happens to be an even sign.

Each of the 10 sub divisions of the sign are of 3 degrees each( we know 3×10=30) .As we know 3×10 Degrees makes 30 degrees a sign.
The rules or the direction in case of directions are(for odd sign given below, all this is reversed in case of even sign it starts from anantha,Brahma upwards):
• Indra
• Agni
• Yama
• Rakshasa
• Varuna
• Vayu
• Kuber
• Isan
• Brahma
• and Ananth

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