Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions CAPRICORN
Your Weekly CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE(December 21st to January 20th)Predictions for the WEEK Starting MONDAY on 18 NOVEMBER are Given Below:

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Weekly Predictions CAPRICORN

For Monday & Teusday of this week,expect: This might not be a great time. with the possibility of things not working out higher. Avoid strong ego problems with people. Family troubles could be there. Also obstacles with your roles and responsibilities could be there.gaurd on your ego to ensure there is no fall of prestige or issues at home or office. Time to reflect and think about how you could handle things better. Take more ownership and also be courteous to the womenfolk. Housewives and top executives need care. donate to temples for relief.

For remaining days of the week(Wednesday To Sunday) ,expect:
Overall A good time especially for business/work meetings or connections. Take care matters of law don’t get stirred up or any conflict does not grow too much. Let people not spread rumours about you. Money could be there – but with some trouble. Good for career opportunities and some outings at family front. But work could oppose things. Good for money related matters and your decisions would be quick. Connecting to new people and having new kind of communication/ connection with people to do with business/work or your work. Try to stay relaxed and avoid stress. New changes and messages may puzzle you. messages to do with your home and also new responsibilities may come in. avoid haste and being too fast just relax and think and act. students need the care to maintain their focus. yes, family outings and films could be there. Vishnu sahastranaam could be of great help.

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