Capricorn Personality

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Capricorn Personality:

Capricorn      has the earth       element in it and is the tenth      sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet  Saturn – you  are basically a thinker and primarily on the mental plane, who may have deep thinking and might fight have a strong feeling for the downtrodden people.

People of this sign are less understood by others. You could be independent minded and would like not to stay submissive under any one.You might have slightly different views about love, duty and your social image.

You have a good thinking and reasoning ability and could easily become heads of organizations. Due to effects of Saturn, you may try to support the down trodden people or less privileged- causing enmity with others.

You may worship intelligent and clever people- who especially are deep thinkers. You may also not interfere with others- but at the same time expect he same from others to not to meddle with your matters.


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