CANCER Sun Sign Health Horoscope (Kataka Rashi)

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Cancer Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope (Kataka Rashi):

  • There could be too much of sensitivity in the cancer person and has to be taken care of. One has to take care of water borne diseases. There may be a tendency towards heart and circulation related problems. One has to handle the tendency to be prone to common cold & flu carefully- doing Yoga and nauli kriya would help.
  • If there middle of the back or related problems, you should consult a doctor. In case inflammation in any part of the body, one needs tabs to be kept on .One can be more prone to nervousness. Follow ayurveda & One may have to deal with rheumatism and keep it control with gomukhasana or some Yoga pose that takes care of flexibility all the joints.
  • Gastric troubles and chest troubles.
  • Also inflammation s like rheumatism could be there. Take care of hand and feet.

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