Birth Horoscope First House or the Tanu Bhava


Birth Horoscope First House or the Tanu Bhava
The first house is the soul of any horoscope- it rules the self or ego or physical body of the person. A strong lord of first house or tanu bhava in benefic placements guarantees good comfort all over life. But any wrong placement or malefic aspect on the ascendant or the first house could spell doom to the overall comfort of the person.

Eloborations of Birth Horoscope of Your  First House or the Tanu Bhava How could Lord of your ascendant or rashi affect Your Health and appearance & personality?

  • The lord of first house or tanu bhava will give bad effects and health and vitality would be low if is in 6,8 or 12th house.The above effects would also be there is the lord of ascendant is in debility, is close to sun ( is com bust)
  • The  Lord of first house or tanu bhava  would give good effects if benefic     aspect it and are strong.If there is a benefic(Like Jupiter or Venus or mercury) in angle(1/4/7/10      house) or is in trines( 5/9) the bad effects of lord of first house would go away.
  • If the lord of first house is aspected by a malefic or is in conjunction with  malefic planet and there is no benefic aspect  to the lord of ascendant.
  • The person would have good appearance if lord of the house of first or tanu bhava is strong enough, there is a benefic in lagna, if the lagna is aspected or is conjunct with a benefic. The appearance could be affected if there is  a malefic in lagna.

     Effects Of Various Planets in First House or Tanu Bhava:

  • Sun in First House Effects

Gives good position and originality.

  • Moon in First House Effects

Makes a person sensitive and fluctuations in relationship.

  • Jupiter in First House Effects

Makes a person more prone to good deeds and interest in dharma or religion. Good life partner.

  • Rahu   in First House Effects

Rahu could make a person aggressive and prone to drugs. Trouble with  relationships.

  • Mercury   in First House Effects

Mercury could make a person quick and business minded.

  • Venus  in First House Effects

Venus gives good comforts and generally a handsome life partner.

  • Ketu  in First House Effects

Ketu in ascendant or lagna could affect relationships. Person could be very         introvert or sudden in actions.

  • Saturn  in First House Effects

Saturn gives an element of trouble and struggle to the person. Affects      marital relationships as well.

  • Mars  in First House Effects

Mars make a person prone to accidents and also anger prone. One should avoid fights.

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