ARIES Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope (Mesha Rashi)

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Aries Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope (Mesha Rashi):

  • Mars give good health but you have to avoid overwork and do Yoga to keep healthy. They could be ambitious and keep working despite issues- this imbalance has to be controlled well. But mars being a planet of action in general gives good physique as such.
  • Yes mars is a warm planet so swellings is something they have to take care of as heat creates swelling. Also stomach and gas has to be taken care of. Haste and irritability is one thing that Yoga would for sure help people with Aries sign or mesha rashi.
  • Aries people need fresh air and yes to do right exercise daily. Also mars could make them foodie so take proper food and also avoid or reduce on alcohol.
  • Aries people are prone to operations and accidents due to mars. Yes ear, teeth and nose need more care. Eyes, headaches and head troubles could be there. Stomach and liver and spleen needs care as excess fire or pitta could have an impact on the same.
  • Special care of cuts and wounds/operations has to be there as you are more prone to have them. Especially in the head and also violence is something you have to be careful about. As you is more risk prone. Danger of fire is also there
  • Head is involved- so eyes and headache and also heart troubles. Eruptions due to high bile are also possible.

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