Aquarius CAREER Horoscope

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Aquarius Career:

You could be inspired and bound to lead. But avoid being very sensitive and develop more willpower for success.

You could do well in business- but you  may do better making money or business for others.You could do well in debating matters  and with good logic due to Saturn. Try to listen to other people’s logic as well.

You could succeed if given a larger sphere of action- as you are inspired and have a vision , imagination and inventiveness in you. This would get a vent in such kind of work. You could take a lot of initiative and be action oriented as far as your initiative or work is concerned.

You may also prefer getting deep into your subject of study. Property dealing or banking could also be some of the suitable career’s for you , apart from career’s needing good focus and ability to collect information.

Careers That Suit You :
Your key planet in Saturn- so Saturn gives you philosophical taint in personality and also you could be highly strung and sensitive.

You need to take care of the above facts before you go ahead to choose a profession.

The golden mantra for you is avoid being too sensitive (Take good care of nerves)in professional situations and also use your hidden willpower to face situations. You will do great.

• Saturn supports Jobs that require hard work- but yes delays in fruits could be there
• You could head a big team or a factory.
• Labour related work is also your cup of tea
• Logical and practical work like engineers
• Land dealings.
• Business and finances
• You could do well working for others. But conflicts with boss is a high chance due to your oversensitive and highly strung nature.
• Science and researching would also do for
• Stones & wooden materials also fall in your purview
Certain careers could lead you to the top and others may keep you mediocre. One needs to study the complete birth chart to see if Jupiter is strong and does not rules malefic houses.
To know exactly which career could bring in laurels to you and which could bring in more obstacles, Your entire horoscope has to be studied & analyzed.
Your Lucky Years:
11,14,17,20,22(mixed effects),23,24,26,25,31(mixed effects),37,40,41(mixed effects),44,46(mixed effects),50,58,53, 62,65,67
Your Lucky months:
June, October, November
September would be fair and August(could be hard).
Your Lucky Dates:
13,11,14,15,17,20,23,26,24,29( could give mixed effects),31
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Gemini, Libra, Scorpio
Virgo would be fair and Leo(could be hard).