2016 AQUARIUS LOVE Horosocope

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Time to take a break and connect closely with your spouse or loved one now. Show him/her your inner emotions and compassion. Please don’t hide yourself.

Time for high level passion and new initiatives and moves from your end for love making. This could take your lover by surprise.

January and February is good for your work or professional, but not for love. Let not coldness or any harshness creep in. There could be ego clashes.
March could be just OK for love. Maintain your social tempo. Let not domination take way.
April could be eventful, with may be frequent clashes or difference of opinions happening. Ego domination could come up.

May is an average time for love matters. But slight care of being discreet in ego matters and sexual conduct. But you may be able to spend focussed time on love matters.

June is a time when you need to control being restlessness, moving too much or too much of play and focus on love matters. But yes, please don’t miss on fun this time.

July could be tough for love. Let not coldness creep in love matters or relationship.

August could be a bit tough time with power struggle & fights coming in.

September is a time that is average. Time to enjoy fun and also be intimate with your lover this time. There could be a lot of change and movement now.

October- is a time to develop more love nature hidden in you. Come out of your serious nature or work on your mindset. Try to share love. Avoid any strong tiffs this time.

November could be a bit tough time with lots of things happening and not all very happy events for your relationships. Stay relaxed. That’s the key.
December is just an OK time. There could be some strain in relationships now.

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There could be a mix of work and emotions in your life. Let this not stress of work and emotions balancing ,make you angry or frustrated.


2016 AQUARIUS Horoscopes:

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