Your YEARLY 2016-17 Horoscope Predictions Report!

Your Personalized 2016-17 In Depth Horoscope(Next 12 Months) Predictions Report!(Complete Month By Month Covers ALL Aspects of Life Like Career,Wealth,Health & Family Predictions for 2016-17…)

What is 2016-17 Report About?
Year 2016-17 would witness interesting planetary transits and events. This includes some solar eclipses and lunar eclipses which affect all of us equally.
Also the slow moving planet Jupiter would get into sign Leo and so would Rahu(The dragon’s head) get into Leo- causing the infamous Guru Chandaal Yoga or planetary conjunction for almost till august 2016.
Saturn the discipline master of the cosmos gets retro gate in sign of Scorpio and so does planet mars in Scorpio for a long time of several months. Causing the energy of conflict between mars and Saturn being shared together- the cause of wars, strong conflicts , financial losses, health issues etc. based on history of conjunctions.
The planet Saturn would again get into the sign Sagittarius by 2017, causing a new cycle and set of changes for all of us. Also Jupiter the benefactor would get into the sign Virgo.
All the above conjunctions and combinations would create a very interesting set of events for you, includes new kinds of obstacles and yes opportunities created. Which one needs to grab or address by prior planning.

How is the 2016-17 Report Prepared For you?
Based on the your Vedic Birth Horoscope- the effects of slow moving planets like Jupiter,rahu,Ketu,Saturn and mars as a special case is accounted for various aspect of life like Career,Job,finances, love, family life & your health.

Also the detailed month by month effects for coming 12 months on the above mentioned aspects like career,love,job,finces etc. are given based on the over all effects of energy exchange between fast moving planets like sun,moon,venus & mercury and Your Birth Horoscope Houses and planets.

Based on the report you could before hand plan for the opportunities or possible issues on various fronts of your life to take much smarter decisions for more gains & less hassles for your career,love,money,family and health matters. You also get favorable months/dates- that could help you to cash on in regard to specific matters much more.
You will also get suggestions for simple yet effective remedied on how to solve any problems that arise, to have better control of your life.

What Do You get in 2016-17 Report?
This report has detailed account of almost all aspects of your life for coming 12 months & would help you take smart decisions to live a much more fulfilling and happier life!

• Your coming 12 months predictions are done based on the ancient and proven Hindu Dasha system( Vimshottari dasha or planetary periods) of Vedic Astrology along with transits for maximum accuracy in predictions.
• The transit effects of slow moving planets(rahu,ketu, Saturn ,Jupiter) & fast moving planets mars,moon,venus and mercury on your birth horoscope is accounted for.
• You get an accurate idea at a top level of the patterns for the year 2016-17 of aspects of your life like career,job,finances,love,family life, health and children etc.
• Each month by month coming 12 months predictions for your ready reference to plan matters much better.
• BONUS Remedies on How To solve problems that you confront in the coming 12 months or 1 years 2016-17.

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