How Your Wealth,Comfort in Life and Riches related to Your Lord of ascendant or Rashi or moon sign? Based on vedic Jyotish


How Does Your Ascendant or Lagna Give You Wealth and Comforts/luxuries of Life?
As your ascendant or lagna or rashi/moon sign represents your physical body or self- so any benefic influence should mean that your body or your self should get good comfort.
For example an aspect Venus on ascendant or lord of lagna/ascendant- if Venus does not rule malefic house(6/8/12)- could mean great comfort in life. Mercury or Jupiter in this situation could bless the native with good business success (mercury/budha) and Jupiter with benevolence and comfort.

On the contrary malefic like Saturn or mars in ascendant or aspect of first house lord could make person trouble and disease prone (Saturn or shani here), accident or fights prone if mars is here and rash temper and prone to bad element of the society if Rahu is sitting in first house or aspects the ascendant.

How Your Comfort and Riches related to Your Lord of ascendant or Rashi or sign?

  • If the benefic like mercury, Venus or Jupiter are in trines(1/5/9) or in angle(4/7/10), the person will long and be wealthy and get honor s.His physical body would give good abundance of physical pleasures and comfort.Especially of lagna is in a movable sign or rashi and is aspected by a benefic planet. The planets Jupiter, Venus/shukra or mercury(budha) if they are in angles or in trines- there could be enjoyment of royal fortune by the person.

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