Vladimir Putin President Of Russia & former KGB officer -2016 Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology



Vladimir president of Russia and Previous KGB officer. His 2016 Forecast based on Vedic astrology

Vladimir Putin – President, RUSSIA

Date of Birth :-  07th October , 1952

Time of Birth :-  09.30 Hrs

Place of Birth :-  St. Petersburg, Russia


Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Vladimir Putin :

  • The lord of Vladimir Putin’s rashis  Libra is planet Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort and home. His handsome looks could be attributed to this.
  • Now his is an active rashi or sign, so keeps him on move, we can note even in his Job in KGB he had to travel lot and he is form on 7th = Neptune, the planet of travel and movement. Number 7 gives secretive nature as well, so well suited for KGB- the secret agency!.
  • As Libra is phlegm dominated- he would be more prone to common cold & chest congestion.
  • The rajasik guna, the guna of action is dominant

The Signs That Support Vladimir Putin’s  Joining KGB

  • His Venus rules 8th as well- so his life could be at risk always. We know any one working for KGB or a president of country always has fear from people of underworld/crime etc.
  • 8th house is also a house of secrets and supports secret services. His moon being there suggest his focus on such secret activities
  • This is conformed as he is born on 7th and his total birth number is 7/10/1952 = 7+10(1)+1952(17)= 8 +8(17=1+7)= 16/7! So it suggests a secret destiny where he might go deep in secrets, research on matters etc. All this matches with his description

Vladimir Putin’s  Love Life

  • The sign is Aries. It is in 3rd house. This sign is of passion and love.
  • This suggests a passionate love life.

2016 horoscope predictions for Vladimir Putin

  • The transit of mars and Saturn in his 2nd house could create trouble for him to maintain his position easily within his country and outside. With proper speech only he could handle matters, else isolation could be there.
  • Mars aspect on 4th house could create his image as a man taking aggressive actions , but Saturn might cause some differences at home /country front and other wise.
  • Rahu transit in his 11th house and aspect on natal mars could prompt him to take strong military steps- – his action against ISIS is a clear proof of the same.
  • There could be an overall agitation, anger and stress in mind on how to handle matters.
  • Natal moon could gain properly him to take stern actions against rivals.
  • Special care on his relationships in home country and with other countries is needed, clam and well thought actions are needed based on Saturn, mars and rahu transit. He needs to trust people/allies with care.
  • We wish him all the best.


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