Virgo LOVE Horoscope

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Virgo LOVE Horoscope:

You love harmony around in home- and having the right partner is very important for you- else family life could get affected.

You should avoid being over critical about matters.Your short term affair may work just OK and not that great- but long term relationships could be good. The partner could be benevolent generally.

Virgo Man Or Virgo Women as a Lover :
Yes, mercury ruling this sign gives you the basic restless and intelligent nature. Which any lover would cherish to have. Unless he or she is a serious minded Capricorn or Aquarius- but still the love should go fine.

You love fun, but at the same time value love and relationships- this could be an asset for you. Though being fun and change loving and at the same time capacity for deep love could be a bit contradictory in nature.

Anyone who is able to enjoy your inquisitive, a bit restless and deeper loving nature could make a good partner for you.

Virgo Lover Good Dates For Love & Romance:
15,6,5,14(mixed results),24, 23(mixed results),8,17
Virgo Lover Dates Of Caution For Love & Romance:
2,10(hard date) ,19,20,22(hard date),29(hard date)
Virgo Lover Lucky months For Love & Romance:
May, March, September and January.
September and August, would be OK.
Virgo Lover – which sun signs are compatible with your inner love nature
Aquarius, Pisces, Your own sign Virgo , Gemini, Leo as well.


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