Virgo CAREER Horoscope

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Virgo Career:

You could do well in careers to do with business, especially business or Money to do with home products or care industry.
Your perseverance would help you win.You could do well as lawyers.You might face fare amount of conflict and opposition in any area you work for.Unless mercury and mars are well placed.

You could also do well in any job needing communication(lawyer’s job also involves communication), teaching, banks,money transactions , business or any where where there is a need for diplomacy.Get the strength of your mercury properly evaluated for over all success in life.

You may also want to work in areas that might entail some digging a bit deeper into things.

Careers That Suit You :
Your key planet in mercury- and 6th sign of Virgo gives you a good intellect and ability to judge business situations and people.

You could be an asset in the sense that you want harmony around you in any situation. You have perseverance as well.

So you could suit well in business situations that demand quick and right judgment, as a financial consultants or even lawyers, fighting some one’s case or even intellectuals.

The golden mantra for you is stay focused and avoid looking at negative of people- even if you could do this faster than others.

• Commerce and banking- your quick decisions would help
• As a quick financial manager
• Even as a Manager in general, who has good communication skills and keeps the team comfortable.
• Teacher- quick and intelligent, caring and great teacher.
• Computers/IT industry
• Accounts
• Law
• Fighting or putting other people’s cases.

Your Lucky Years:
23,32,33, 41,24,55,30,17,51,19, 60
Your Lucky months:
May, March, September and January.
September and August, would be OK.
Your Lucky Dates:
15,6,5,14(mixed results),24, 23(mixed results),8,17
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Aquarius, Pisces, Your own sign Virgo , Gemini, Leo as well.