Vidya Balan Hollywood Heroine of Dirty Picture- 2016 Horoscope & Forecast



Vidya balan is a bollywood star and shot to fame after her movie “The Dirty Picture”. She has received many awards and also five film fare awards. She also got her padma shri in 2014.

She is good at portraying strong female image.

Name: Vidya Balan

Date of Birth: 1st January, 1978

Time of Birth: Not known to us

Place of Birth: Palakkad, Kerala, India


Vidya balan’s birth  chart or horoscope analysis :

  • She has a beautiful Venus sitting on her ascendant- along with the planet of fame sun ruling 9th house- making it raja yoga ,also sitting besides Venus.
  • Making her a beauty queen and also blessing her with success and money in films. As Venus deals with films & sun is for fame and luck for her.
  • Her career house is ruled by mercury, that rules her marriage house(7th) and sits in vyaya bhava=12th
  • So indicates struggle that she had to do initially.
  • Retrogate Jupiter- is ruling her public image and self, rahu and Uranus sitting in her career house suggests- some very un conventional work that could be phenomenal.
  • Retro gate Jupiter suggests conventions, rahu and Pluto work against conventions- so over all – she may break the barriers of regular ethics as perceived by the society and do un conventional roles.- Dirty picture is an example of this.
  • Her house of marriage gets aspect of nice planets Venus/.sun and also retro gate Jupiter sitting there. Giving her a good looking well to do husband.

Vidya balan’s forecast for 2016 in Bollywood

  • This year could be a bit stressful and eventful or her. May be April/November and august could be hard months. but still she could shoot to fame.
  • Slight slow movement in matters might make her un happy at times- but that’s part of life.
  • The mars- Saturn transit conjunction in 12th aspects or drishties her 2nd house of wealth and status. So there could be some worries in getting commensurate roles.
  • The popularity levels might also be slightly affected as sun get energy.
  • She would again shine by year ending September.

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