Planet Venus, The Home Maker of the Solar System.


This planet represents love, romance, care ,home family and arts/music. In case of negative expression of this planet, it might mean legal issues, possesiveness or over insistence of views.
In Vedic astrology it is called shukra, from the word shukracharya. As the legend goes shukracharya was a guru/teacher of demons. So anything to do with tantra or say alchemy or vaastu is said to be controlled by Venus.

The people born under this influence make maximum friends.
It’s a planet of comfor,home and vehicles. Anything that gives comfort.

They generally have a magnetic personality and love to take care of people whom they connect to .The only issue could be strong views- that has to be avoided.

Aspects of Venus:

Venus primary aspects 7th house from where it is placed. Say if Venus is in 4th house, then aspect to 10th house= career is there.

You Are Ruled by Planet Venus if:

People born with Taurus or Libra ascendant, or people born on 6,15,24 or Fridays are under the influence of venus.

How to Check How Strong is Venus in Your Horoscope :

If you are caring and can attract people to you- or people find you handsome and attractive- you could have a strong venus.

In men’s horoscope if venus is strong, they get good comfort form wife and if not, then it is otherwise. IN women’s chart a strong venus means an easy life of comforts and luxuries.

Your Lucky Colour :
Pink and blue
Your Lucky Stone :
Venus Mantra(Sacred Incantations):
Om shum shukraaye namah 108 times.
Your Lucky Venus Yantra(Amulet):

Interesting Facts:
India was born on 15th august 1947. The ascendant is also ruled by venus(Taurus). Venus stands for society, family, music and art. We know India has abundance of all.

What do the classics say about Venus
Venus is called shukra is a benefic graham or planet. Venus is said to be controlling or governing semen in human body.
Venus is among the planets of the ministry
The colour is variegated( displaying several colors). The lord of Venus is shachi Devi goddess. A form of energy that controls Venus.
The moon and Venus are female in nature.
Water rules venus.Venus is said to be of Brahmin caste. In fact shukra charya, the head of demons and related to Venus was treated as a Brahmin. Venus is considered to be rajas in nature.
Venus is said to be charming in nature, has a great physique, is excellent, or great in disposition, has very beautiful eyes, and is a poet(being connected to number 6 Venus connects to poetry), is phlegmatic(cough & cold ) and windy and has curly hair.

You will find the above characteristics in people dominated by venus.Among the sapta dhatus – Venus rules semen. A planet related to sex- it rules bedroom.
A period of fortnight is awarded to venus.Venus is sharp tasting , that is sour in nature.
Moon and Venus get strength when in north. Venus rules floral plants. That is ornamental plants.
The ornamental robes like silken are governed by venus.It is considered to be a moola graham.
Venus is exalted in meena rashi that is Pisces.
Śukr divides Tula into two halves keeping the first, as Mooltrikon and the second, as own Bhava
Vasant ritu is governed by Venus.(basically he spring season)