Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions TAURUS
Your Weekly TAURUS HOROSCOPE or Vrishabha rashi Predictions for the WEEK Starting MONDAY on 22 JULY are Given Below:

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Weekly Predictions TAURUS

For Monday of this week ,expect: Be cautious on people trying to take advantage of you. Travel or short jaunts could be there. Matters could move slowly and may be changing as well. Control your feelings. let not stress be there if matters are too slow. good time for people in education but care for details is much needed. the matters may remain fluid or stressful so stay calm. more changes in the next cycle for sure. family and office matters need your caring self.

For remaining days of the week(Teusday To Sunday) ,expect:
This could be just an average time . You may feel fair enough energy and enthusiasm within you. The intensity of your capacity for love or passion/emotions could be very high. One has to avoid any fight or aggressive exchanges with family members or for your office responsibilities. Deeper connections with opposite sex members possible. Control of sudden emotions flaring up is suggested this time. Let not fights creep in your relationships with family, friends or office colleagues. Take proper care of your mother or senior female member. Anger is a strict no as it could impact relationships, family matters and also your office. mental stress may peak now and so could fight and tiffs peak now. Give your more on self to others the feelings part of your personality for success. help brothers or else chant Hanuman Chalisa.

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