Taurus LOVE Horoscope

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Taurus LOVE Horoscope:

  • Now Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi in Sanskrit represents bull, and also is ruled by Venus and is a earth sign- so could fall deeply in love with the other person and be deeply dedicated.
  • It could reach the level of being possessive of even jealous if the other partner is handsome or more beautiful. The dogged perseverance and lovability of Taurus could make the relationships nice.
  • The beauty comes by deep comfort and care Taurus could give o the other person or the lover partner. It also has the sensitivity of moon as Venus rules Taurus and is number 6 and moon is number 2, so 2 x 3 = 6 and also 3 is a good number of Jupiter.
  • Taurus also has good ability to withstand pain so even if the other life partner does not behave that great or is a bit deviant the Taurus would take it. But sure beyond a point it would not tolerate even an iota of wrong behavior from the life partner.
  • They dress themselves and their homes well to be attractive to the lover or life partner. Yes they could also bring in more harmony in home or living conditions. They are jealous but showing good sympathy by partner would leave anger or jealousy.
  • Taurus generally has sexually attractive body be it male or females.They could sacrifice anything for love, unless they or Taurus are pushed to a corner.
  • In case the Taurus or vrishabha gets into jealousy mode, they may get into illogical and rash behavior – this has to be avoided in love relationship. Otherwise Taurus is a great & loving partner to be with.
  • You are more affectionate than being only passionate. A true lover.
  • Being insistent in  views could affect relationships in love and office.
  • The partner could be generally more aggressive and restraint is suggested.Yes getting into short term affairs is a high chance for you.
  • Taurus Man Or Taurus Women as a Lover :

  • You have a sense of love and sensitivity. You could turn out to be a great lover if dealt with proper care.
    The ruler ship of Venus and sign of Taurus gives you perseverance in love matters. You generally don’t n forget to miss your love.
  • You expect the same deep love and sensitivity from your lover. Which at times might be difficult to find.
  • Also you have to avoid being too jealous( especially Taurus women), this could affect your beautiful relationships. Also avoid being insistent on your way of love or loving.
  • Taurus Lover Good Dates For Love & Romance:
    Taurus Lover Dates Of Caution For Love & Romance:
    1,2,11,10,13,19,22(hard date),28(hard date)

    Taurus Lover Lucky months For Love & Romance:
    September, January, November
    May would also be OK and so is march OK.
    Taurus Lover – which sun signs are compatible with your inner love nature
    Virgo, Capricorn, Your own sign Taurus, Scorpio

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